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EMF Meters

EMF meters measure fluctuations in electromagnet fields. Theories in the paranormal field suggest that ghosts have the ability to manipulate these fields. An EMF meters is a staple piece of equipment used to detect sources of these fields or possible manipulation in order to document and promote potential communication with these entities.
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GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment - Rook EMF Meter with Sound Rook EMF Meter with Sound
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BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Doll BooBuddy Interactive Bear
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BooBuddy Jr. Trigger Bear BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear
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EDI Meter Plus Ghost Hunting Equipment EDI+ Meter
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Mel Meter REM-ATDD Natural EMF/Temp Guage Mel Meter REM-ATDD
Price: $239.00
Sale: $199.00
EMF/Temperature Digital Mel Meter With RED Backlight and flashlight Mel Meter
Price: $99.00
K2 Deluxe EMF Meter With On/Off Switch K2 EMF Meter
Price: $64.90
K2 Meter EMF Stand Tripod Clip K2 Stand Clip
Price: $15.95
REM Pod EMF Detector REM Pod with Temp
Price: $189.90
ELF Zone Gauss Meter ELF Meter
Price: $14.95

EMF Meters Used in Paranormal Research

EMF meters are a rather staple tool for ghost hunting to measure fluctuations in energy. This is referred to electromagnet fields or EMF. These measurements can be a direct result of electrical appliances in the home, cell phones, power lines and more. With that, it is smart to understand your surroundings. Beyond that, a primary theory in the field of paranormal research is that an entity can manipulate these fields in their attempt to manifest themselves or interact with our world. It is the duty of a successful investigator to differentiate between natural causes of energy spikes and those that may be the result of interaction from beyond.

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