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The GhostStop affiliate program helps our supporters generate an income for you or your team. Earn commissions from every sale you refer to It's quick to setup, easier than running DVR cables and drier than a team car wash.

As an affiliate you will get:

  • Earn commissions on each sale
  • Professionally designed banners with easy code generation
  • Generator for text links, social media and emails
  • Access to sell high quality ghost hunting gear without having to ship anything

All you need is a web site, blog or social media. You will receive your own unique link that will automatically track all sales you generate and credit your commission. That's it. We ship the orders and provide support for the customer.

Other Benefits:

  • Commission starts at 5% with potential for increase with growth.
  • We provide professionally designed banners at various sizes and the code you need to implement them on your web site.
  • Affiliate links can be used anywhere including your web site, blog, emails, Facebook... wherever.
  • We provide you with marketing tips to help you generate sales.
  • As an affiliate of GhostStop you get access to sell the BEST ghost hunting equipment available at the best prices WITH awesome customer service provided by investigators who know the equipment well.
  • We take the orders, ship the products and provide customer service to the purchaser from start to finish.
  • It costs nothing to you!

We have partnered with REFERSION to provide you with a robust, advanced affiliate marketing system.

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Getting started is simple. No startup cost, no fees… at all. Ever! Just copy, paste and make money for supporting the paranormal field.

Become an Affiliate 


TIPS for Success as an Affiliate

While social media has become an awesome tool for developing a following, we highly recommend puting links on a web site for sustained traffic. An actual web site is a great tool toward long-term success. Social media posts are good for small spurts of interest - especially if you have a large following. They disappear quickly and are, in many cases, only seen by a fraction of your followers. Use TEXT links and banner ads on your web site. If you can only use one, use a text link within the content of your web site. Write an article or blog post that talks about gear and drop in a link that says 'ghost hunting equipment' using your affiliate link. This is the most effective. Banners are great as a supplement and enhance brand trust. Stay up to date on promotions we are running and new products. Check out for periodic sales and new equipment then let your followers know frequently. Like and frequent our own social media as this is where we typically first post sales, new products, contests or any other related updates.

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The Nuts & Bolts - How The Program Works

Here's the basic lay of the land on how our affiliate program works. 

  • Use the provided Affiliate link code and banners. This link/code will track any orders you have referred to GhostStop.
  • Your account will be credited a commission amount for each sale resulting from your affiliate link.
  • Payments of this commission are made quarterly to the affiliate.
  • Affiliates must use provided/approved banners and links just as they have been provided. Displaying any images, text or any media other than what has been provided may result in closure of your affiliate account and forfeiture of any balance in your affiliate account at our sole discretion. Please contact us if you have a special need for something other that what we have offered as this may be easily arranged.
  • You may link to product detail pages and use product photos (only those on However, keep in mind that these photos, product details and pricing change rapidly. We may require you to change photos, pricing or information as needed. Abiding by this request is required to maintain affiliate status.
  • Affiliate links are tracked for 10 days. This means that there is a 10 days window from the day the affiliate link is clicked for which you will receive commission credit. Transactions beyond that will not be credited to your account.
  • Links and banners can, generally, be used anywhere you see fit. But it is best practice to include them on web sites, blogs, videos and social media outlets that are in some way related to the paranormal field with a good audience interested in ghost hunting.

 Commission Payment

  • The minimum payout amount is $50.00 (USD). This means that your affiliate commission must be at least $50.00 to receive a payout for the payable quarter. If you have not yet reached this threshold the amount will roll over to the next quarter for payment until the commission reaches at least $50.00.
  • Commissions expire after one year of no affiliate sales. 
  • Payments are made via PayPal. Please ensure you have a PayPal account. We will ask for the PayPal address when it comes time for your first payment. Please make sure this is updated. Payments made to an incorrect address may not be retrievable. So, make sure we have your proper address.
  • Payments made may be deducted for orders that have been returned, refunded, canceled or may be associated with another affiliate as the originating referral source or GhostStop's own marketing efforts. We have tracking/reports in place to find these quite effectively. These totals are NOT shown in the Affiliate HQ totals as they are researched and deducted at the time of payment.
  • Payments will be made quarterly one month following the payable quarter.
    • Transactions completed January through March will be paid in May
    • Transactions completed April through June will be paid in August
    • Transactions completed July through September will be paid in November
    • Transactions completed October through December will be paid in February

Rules of our Program

We ask that you abide by the following to maintain your affiliate account with GhostStop.

  • Use of the affiliate system to make purchases for personal use may result in closure of your account and forfeiture of any balance.
  • Affiliate accounts that have had no activity for one year may result in closure.
  • GhostStop reserves the right to remove an affiliate account for any reason at our sole discretion. This includes affiliates we find may be abusing the affiliate system including, but not limited to, 'black-hat' tactics such as cookie stuffing, tracking hijacks, hacking, fraudulent activities or any unethical tactics to abuse our affiliate program. Such tactics will result in closure of your account and forfeiture of any balance.
  • Rules, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.