Wearable Equipment Cases

GhostStop keeps your gear safe! An investigator is only as good as the tools used - and we're always on the move. Protect those tools with proper functional apparel.
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  • Gear Pouch Gear Pouch Gear Pouch Gear Pouch

    Gear Pouch

    GhostStop Padded Gear Pouch Easy carrying and protection for your precious gear.GhostStop keeps your gear safe! This flexible case is just the right size for much or your ghost hunting equipment including cameras, Rook meter, K2 or SB7. Features ...

  • Carrying Case Carrying Case Carrying Case

    Carrying Case

    Padded Carrying Case with Belt and Shoulder Strap This compact and handy case makes access to your main equipment ready at hand. It's fit for a Mel but can be used for any similar-size items plus an extra pocket for accessories. Keep everything you need...

2 of 2 Items