Onvoy Ghost Box

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Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator

Your designated messenger on a mission to the other side.

Designed specifically for paranormal investigations, this device presents entities with a simple and flexible way to communicate with us. Onvoy offers the ability to deliver words, phrases, numbers, emotions and yes or no answers through a uniquely simple, transparent and documentable method.


  • Offers ghosts an easy way to communicate
  • Displays words, numbers, yes/no and icons
  • Scans environment for spikes in EMF, temperature and touch
  • Lighted display, indicator lights and audio alert
  • Full control over sensors, speed and sensitivity
  • Rechargeable, long lasting battery

Communicate with ease.

Just a simple touch, energy spike or temperature change allows for open-ended communication with no word databanks or complicated code for entities to navigate. By employing practices we theorize ghosts may already be familiar with, this device puts those learned tools to work. Through basic touch or tapping, magnetic fluctuations and temperature swings, spirits can now articulate their connections with us. In turn, we learn from them what methods suit best.

Let the environment speak.

Onvoy gets to work scanning through a set of diverse choices. While that’s happening, there are multiple sensors looking for environmental changes. As soon as a spike occurs, it makes a selection with an audio alert, displays it on the screen and lets us know which sensor was triggered.

Onvoy Video Introduction
Onvoy Demonstration Video


Words and numbers and icons... oh my! :)

Beyond the dictionary.

As you work to communicate, words or phrases may develop that can be noted as potential responses during your investigations. The flexibility of this technique allows for delivery of names, abbreviations, other languages and even slang - going well beyond the boundaries of a dictionary. Being able to see which sensor was used provides transparency and aids us in learning which method might be the preferred option for each investigation or even location.

Control in your hands.

Choose how you want to interact with five modes including a set of letters, numbers, icons, yes/no selector and a display of readings plus full control over scanning speed and sensitivity of each sensor.

You can adjust the speed at which it scans and sensitivity of each sensor, independently.

Transparency at its core.

This tool is uniquely simple for ghosts to interact with. You can even produce words yourself to demonstrate how easy and effective it can be. By simply tapping the device you can demonstrate, to ghosts, how easily they can communicate with us.

The purpose of this straightforward approach is so that we, as investigators, can see how each selection is made. Other devices, apps and software that use word databases and complex formulas to manifest a word force an entity to learn the intricacies of these systems. If we, as humans, cannot make it say a specific word, how can we expect a ghost to?

Onvoy is here to evolve that methodology.

By simplifying and making this process more clear, Onvoy presents a more transparent and documentable technique for learning in many ways. Ghosts, who we mean to communicate with, will learn an easier way to interact and WE will learn what methodology they prefer. All the while, Onvoy provides a more simple and completely transparent process for the sake of ease, documentation and learning.


This product is made right here at GhostStop.

  • Rechargeable long-life battery over 20 hours
  • Adjustable sensitivity on all sensors
  • Adjustable scanning
  • Various LED lights for visible indicators
  • Audio alert tone for event notification
  • Display screen
  • Mode select switch
  • USB port for charging or unlimited power
  • Metal tripod mount on the bottom for easy placement or mounting
  • Scanning speed from ~100 letters per minute to ~600 letters per minute
  • Onvoy Size: 3"w x 5"h x 2.75"d
  • Display screen size: 1.8"w x .75"h
  • EMF sensor is 'natural' magnetic only (to fortify from most man-made interference like phones and walkies). Magnetic flux density sensing up to ±160 mT.

Battery Life

The built in battery lasts over 20 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Battery life is highly dependent on scanning speed and how many events are triggered. It can be recharged using any USB charger including a mobile USB battery pack for a quick boost. Carry it with a battery pack or plug it into a wall outlet for unlimited use. It's easy, quick and saves money on batteries. 


  • Onvoy
  • USB charging/power cable



  • Charge before use. (see charging instructions)
  • Turn device on by turning the ON/OFF knob clockwise.
  • Keep turning to select the desired Mode.
  • Turn device off by turning the ON/OFF knob counter-clockwise until it clicks off.


  • Using the USB cable provided, plug it into any USB or AC outlet (with the provided AC/USB adapter) to begin charging.
    • Red light near the USB port = Charging
    • Green light near the USB port = Fully Charged
  • A fully-charged battery will last over 20 hours depending on settings.
  • Charging will take about 1 hour
  • Device can be used while it's charging for unlimited use via wall outlet adapter or USB battery pack. A USB battery pack is handy so you can use the device and continue charging all while being completely mobile.


To change modes turn the On/Off Mode Select turning knob. When switching modes you will see each Mode represented on the Display. It may take a moment to switch modes depending on your Speed selection.

  • Alphabet Mode: This mode is used for collecting a set of letters in the English/Latin alphabet (A-Z)
  • Yes / No Mode: This mode is used for gathering a Yes / No response.
  • Number Mode: This mode is used for collecting numeric responses (0-9)
  • Icon Mode: This mode allows for displaying icons representing emotions (examples: Happy, Sad, Angry).
  • Sensor Detail: This mode allows you to see life readings from each sensor and sensitivity setting for each.


Onvoy will scan through a set of letters, yes/no, numbers and icons. While scanning you will see a selector box over each choice allowing an entity an opportunity to select one of their choice with proper timing.

While that is happening, multiple environmental sensors are looking for spikes in EMF (magnetic), temperature or a tap. When a spike is detected, a choice is made from the screen and displayed to the right. In alphabet mode, a collection of the last 11 letters is stored in the bottom row. Once that row is full it will return to the beginning and start overwriting. As a good practice, it would be helpful to note down any words that come up as much as you can because Onvoy does not store more than 11 letters.


Onvoy lets you adjust to the environment which can vary each investigation location. You can adjust the speed at which it scans and sensitivity of each sensor.

  • Scanning Speed: Move the slider button left or right to adjust how fast you wish the selector screen to scan. This also determines how fast or slow the sensors take readings. Move the slider left for slower scans or right for faster scans.
  • Sensor Sensitivity: Each sensor (EMF, Temperature and Tap) have independent sensitivity adjustment knobs. Turn the dial down/bottom for OFF or turn it clockwise for greater sensitivity. The light above each sensor knob will light up red with a brightness associated with the sensitivity setting. For example, down (or OFF) the light will be off. As you turn the sensitivity higher the it will light up a dim red and then a brighter red as the sensitivity is higher. This is a great visible indicator or sensitivity in the dark.
  • Sensor Detail Screen: The last Mode allows you to see what sensitivity setting each sensor is set to on a scale of 0 (OFF) to 9 (highest sensitivity).


In addition to the display screen, Onvoy utilizes various LED lights to help indicate events and settings.

  • Event Arc: The lighted arc in the center of the device will light up red to indicate scanning speed. The middle will blink red each time it moves to the next selection and sensor reading. A slower scanning speed will be represented by a slow blinking and faster speeds will blink faster for each loop. This arc will light up full white each time an event trigger occurs alerting you to check the display for a selection.
  • Sensor Lights: Each sensor (EMF, Temperature and Tap) has an independent light to indicate sensitivity and event triggers. If the sensor is turned off, the correlating light will be off. It will be lit red when the sensor is turned on and brightness will indicate sensor sensitivity. This light will illuminate in white to indicate a trigger occurred on that sensor.


Does Onvoy talk or speak words audibly?
No. Onvoy does not talk or speak words aloud. Doing so would limit the output to recognizeable words. The Onvoy is intended to break beyond this restraint.

Does Onvoy save the words?
Onvoy will only show up to 11 letters while in Alphabet Mode. Once the 12th character is selected, it will overwrite the first one to the left and begin replacing the whole row. As such, it does not save words. We highly suggest noting anything relelvant as the pop up or placing a camera on Onvoy to document the results.

How long does the battery last?
This depends highly on the settings and amount of times it is triggered. But on some of our tests, we have had it running for over 20 hours on a single charge.








4 Reviews

  • 5
    On our ghost box

    Posted by Girl After Ghost on Jul 18th 2022

    I have a paranormal investigation group called girl after ghost. We bought the Onvoy before we started the group and it has been AMAZING! I highly recommend buying one. It was definitely worth the money and will be buying a couple more of these for sure!

  • 5
    Onvoy Ghost Box is worth the $$$

    Posted by Jeremy Wilson on May 18th 2022

    I purchased GhostStop's "Onvoy" as soon as it was released. I have had it and been testing it for a week. This takes communication to another level. You have the option to let spirits use letters to form words, numbers, yes/no, emoji faces to convey how they feel, and even a mode that gives you readings for the magnetic field and temperature. There is also the ability to adjust the "tap" sensitivity and the option to speed up or slow down everything. The Onvoy has all the options you could ask for. Its a bit pricey BUT worth every single penny. I recommend saving up and obtaining this excellent tool. As always, Ghost Stop has hit a home run with Onvoy!

  • 5
    The Ovilus Killer

    Posted by Kalani Ghost Hunter on May 13th 2022

    This device is absolutely incredible. The level of information provided allows you to see what environmental condition is being registered. I have an Ovilus V, and I think the Onvoy is a better investment. The technology makes more sense, and you’re not limited to just a dictionary. I appreciate the transparency provided on how or why the equipment is going off. I can’t wait to take this one with me around the country.

  • 5
    Great Device

    Posted by Bob Jensen/GhostLand Society on May 12th 2022

    It was a wonderful surprise when I got home from work today to see the ONVOY was delivered and 2 days ahead of schedule. I have been playing around with the device and it seems very straight forward. It is NOT CHEAPLY made and feels fairly sturdy so I have no real concerns with it in the field. It does take a bit of getting to know the settings which we will begin testing this weekend . After 5 hours of playing around with the device I do believe this is a worth while tool within the field of paranormal.

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