Mel Meter REM-ATDD

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Mel Meter with EMF, REM and ATDD

Simultaneous EMF, EM Field output, Temp Alert with Illuminated Display and flashlight.

In addition to detecting 'Natural' and man-made EMF frequencies (AC/DC) & ambient temperature changes in the environment, this new feature also uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around the instrument. This EM field can be easily influenced by materials and objects that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EM field distortion... four Multi-Colored LED lights can be activated in any order or combination. This device also includes our popular ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) unit that detects and alerts you to ambient temperature changes with an audio tone. If the temperature drops, a lower tone is heard and if the temperature rises the tone is heard with a higher pitch alert. This is very helpful in detecting environmental changes without staring at the unit all night.

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ELF Range down to 30Hz! Night Vision Safe, High Intensity Red Flashlight & Red Backlight Multi-Colored REM-ATDD LED Lights Built in ATDD (Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection) with audible tone alerts Custom Dual Display Correlates EMF & Temperature Cold Spots Simultaneously! Custom Glow-In-The-Dark Push Buttons. A 30 sec. Charge from Your Flashlight Lasts 3 Hours! Super Bright Custom Red "Night view" Display with On/Off Button Fast Response Type "K" Thermocouple Temperature Sensor for Ambient Temperature Readings Record Feature Captures Min & Max Values
EMF Measurement 1) Power On the meter by pressing the " Power Button " once for 3 seconds. 2) With the tester in hand, move slowly towards to the object under measurement until it is physically touched. The upper Display will present the EMF measurement value. 3) Position the EMF tester at different angles to the object under measurement and observe how this may affect your reading. 4) By trying different angles approaching the object under measurement, record the highest value shown on the display. Temperature Measurement 1) Insert the " Temp. probe plug " into the " Temp. probe socket " 2) Power on the meter by pressing the " Power button " once for 3 seconds. 3) The lower right Display will show the temperature value sensing from the probe's head. In addition to the basic Mel Meter operating characteristics, it combines the Radiating Electromagnetic (REM) function which radiates an independent Electromagnetic (EM) field around the mini telescopic antenna and the Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection (ATDD) circuit for hot and cold spot detection. The ATDD will produce a one octave step tone for each degree change over a ±5 degree range. REM: The Mel-8704R-REM has been designed with a separate function which radiates an independent EM field around the top of the unit. It is believed that spirit energy can manipulate, distort and influence such an EM field. To activate the REM feature, simply gently pull out the silver telescopic antenna and press in the REM button located under the tilt stand on the back of the Mel meter. The five LED lights on the front of the device (Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink & Red) will also blink twice as they go through their diagnostic routine. This verifies that the system is working correctly. To test the EM field, move your hand around the antenna area, then touch the top of the device. All lights will be illuminated as the EM field is interrupted. There is also a specific tone associated with each LED. It is important to note that there could be some interference of the EM field when the device is within certain proximity of fluorescent lights or a high power handheld radio frequency communication device. Also, be aware that once the REM power has been activated, it will remain powered until you turn it OFF. Be sure to turn it OFF when not in use to preserve your battery power. The REM feature has an automatic “zero” or baseline function. This will activate after 5 seconds only if the amount of REM field interruption (energy) is in a steady state or not fluctuating. If the field interruption or source is continuously changing or undulating, the circuit will not baseline. This is important because it will help to validate that there is a dynamic or moving energy field interrupting the REM field around the device. IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to open this device. It will disturb the calibration of the REM field. Do not touch the screws that hold the case together as they could alter specific stress points on the main circuit boards. ATDD: To activate the ATDD circuit, push the power button located behind the tilt stand. Please note, the REM circuit must also be on for the ATDD circuit to turn on. Once activated, the ATDD will do a quick diagnostic check and the ATDD circuit will baseline to the environment ambient temperature conditions. There is also a baseline momentary button located on the right side of the Mel that allows you to baseline at anytime should there be a natural or gradual temperature change in the environment.

29 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Ethan Fry on Mar 26th 2024

    I'm not a scientist with the whole EMF stuff but I got some very strange EMF spikes while holding it, facing forward and not looking down to the ground so that wouldn't be coming from the Earth.

  • 5
    Helped me with emfs at home.

    Posted by Adam on Nov 1st 2023

    Didn't realize my bed was facing the refrigerator through the wall and I've been sleeping next to high emfs this last few years...glad I got this! Now I moved my bed and hope the MRI goes well lol also I can use it for ghost hunting. Excellent functions and good all around tool.

  • 5

    Posted by Riley on Jul 15th 2023

    Amazing product. Great to use for detecting emf and love how it can double as a rem pod. Highly recommend this Mel meter

  • 5
    A paranormal swiss army knife of sorts.

    Posted by James Boyd on Jun 26th 2023

    This is an excellent all in one tool. GhostStop has a lot of cool inventions and this one is popular for a reason. I'm glad I got one though I've yet to use it.

  • 5
    mel meter rem-atdd

    Posted by Martin j Burns on Apr 7th 2023

    excellent instrument with several useful functions

  • 5
    Favorite piece of equipment

    Posted by Francisco Benavides on Mar 27th 2023

    So glad I picked this up, amazing to do baseline reads and the rem pod aspect of it is great!

  • 5

    Posted by Tom on Mar 20th 2023

    Love this device! My new favorite!

  • 5
    Mel Meter

    Posted by P Marf on Jan 30th 2023

    Great instructions. Easy to get started, a good buy to ghost hunt with.

  • 5
    Mel meter

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 13th 2023

    Great product. Easy to use and arrived in Australia a week after purchase

  • 5
    Mel meter with REM ATDD

    Posted by Chad Wake the Dead on Oct 1st 2022

    This is a great multi use device. Simple to use and understand. Having the built in REM saves you from needing to carry an additional REM POD . I don’t think I would be without this tool.

  • 5
    Mel Meter

    Posted by Ron Wood on May 2nd 2022

    I have to say I am impressed with this Mel meter. It's easy to use, handle and setup. I haven't had a chance to test it in an haunt yet, but just using it at our haunted home has resulted in positive results and interactions. I will say the only thing that I dislike is when you are holding the mel meter and using rempod it reacts to your hand. It's not a negative comment about the mel meter. Its just doing its job sensing something near it. I gonna try using it with a pistol grip tripod so my hand isnt directly touching it. I think that will solve my issue. The Mel meter is a must for any investigator. One box offer EMF, rem pod, and temperature reading & alarms. Awesome idea...

  • 5

    Posted by Bill Giles on Apr 1st 2022

    An excellent meter & good value. The meter is well made & the REM- ATDD features are an added bonus making it truly multi function. Looking forward to using it at Fortress Louisburg on Cape Bretton Island later this year. The unit was shipped the same day as ordered by the GhostStop team & arrived as predicted.

  • 5
    Mel meter REM-atdd

    Posted by OldTires on Mar 31st 2022

    Nice meter, plenty of adjustments. If this is your first meter read the manual and attached sheet.

  • 5
    Excellent piece of equipment

    Posted by John Boyd on Mar 21st 2022

    Highly sensitive! Be aware of hand placement while holding this. It picks up everything. Temp probe provides very accurate results. Being able to see a digital readout in milligals is great to have.

  • 5

    Posted by Martyn Brewer on Mar 12th 2022

    This device is incredible, I have captured huge EMF spikes while capturing light anomalies near the device. I have also communicated with a spirit using the Rem feature, blew my mind. It’s incredible!

  • 5
    Mel meter REM-ATDD

    Posted by Cathy on Mar 3rd 2022

    I was extremely satisfied with the purchase. It arrived on time and did everything the description said it would.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 16th 2022

    The unit works great so far and seems to be fairly accurate (and sensitive) to changes in temperature and EMF. The added REM-ATDD features are nice and are worth the "upgrade" from the other model. It is fairly easy to use and any questions are generally covered by the instruction manual.

  • 5
    Mel meter rem-atdd

    Posted by Martin st-jean on Dec 22nd 2021

    Really like it it’s the best product for that type of job thanks for the team

  • 4
    A Paranormal Swiss Army Knife

    Posted by Tee Morris on Dec 13th 2021

    I got a chance to break this in at a recent paranormal investigation in Mineral, Virginia. This device is a fantastic all-in-one tool and definitely worth the investment. This is an EMF meter, a temperature gauge, and a REM pod in one device. It will only help you as an investigator to dig into the instruction manual that comes with it. then you can take advantage of things like the built-in flashlight. and the setting of ranges for the REM pod functions. If you are looking to stretch the dollar with your paranormal budget, this is a terrific investment.

  • 5
    Mel Meter RemATDD

    Posted by Ian on Nov 30th 2021

    Bought this couple weeks ago delivery to Northern Ireland was speedy, have used it on few different investigations, with good results, great bit of kit

  • 5
    highly recommend

    Posted by nick on Nov 8th 2021

    I would recommend this item to anybody it works like a charm.

  • 5
    Mel meter

    Posted by Tom on Aug 24th 2021

    Super bit of equipment so accurate

  • 5

    Posted by erik Brangalis on Jul 31st 2021

    Love this. love that it is a multi tool for investigations. Put it on a tripod and use it as a rem and have temp change and also use it as a emf. This is a great tool to have on your investigations. Thanks Ghost Stop and Thanks for being friendly and caring and for your fast shipping.

  • 5

    Posted by N on Mar 24th 2021

    Great multi-purpose tool for any investigator.

  • 5
    Mel Meter with EMF, REM and ATDD

    Posted by Steven MacIntosh on Jun 19th 2019

    Just purchased this and had to spend a little time reading and watching videos to get a handle on it. It does provide much of what is needed to verify any contact with spirits. The REM feature does show promise.

  • 5
    Great device

    Posted by John Karle on Jun 26th 2018

    Love the multi purpose of this device, especially with the rem added to it

  • 5
    More features, still simple!

    Posted by Mat on Nov 21st 2012

    This meter is very nice and built just professional as the basic mel meter. One thing I will warn is even if you power off the actual meter, the REM and ATDD will still be on unless you press the buttons behind the tilt stand. Other than that this meter is awesome. The ATDD started to go off and then I had a large bang in my house! I love it and I know you will as well

  • 5
    hi from ed

    Posted by edward connolly on Aug 10th 2012

    I just put the Mel-8704R-Rem ATDD in on Tue day night this week i just got it to day i d ment you guys are fast and you got good price i have my first case come up this Sunday with my new team i will let ever on know how it go :D

  • 5
    Mel Meter 8704-rem-atdd

    Posted by Robert Royce on Nov 7th 2011

    A must for you'r paranormal gear.