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GhostStop is the prominent and most highly recommended ghost hunting equipment store and manufacturer. For over 15 years, we design, build and use our gear so you can be sure it is made with investigators in mind. We are the only shop acutely focused on investigation technology with a manufacturing workshop and storefront trusted by teams and shows worldwide.

We build it. We use it. We are here to help.

Proudly featured on many shows and networks.

We are designers and builders.

GhostStop opened in 2006 as a source for fellow team members to find quality ghost hunting equipment. As tech manager and leader of a well-respected paranormal investigation team and tech designer, Shawn Porter put his two passions together to form GhostStop. He eventually expanded the web site to be a source for everyone - not just his team members. GhostStop has evolved into a workshop and lab where we design, develop and build paranormal investigation equipment for the field we have passion for. We know the equipment and remain small and focused so that we can stand by our reputation in helping our customers and the paranormal investigation field.

Small business with big outreach, beyond ghosts.


We've got a few awards under our belt stemming from our technological advancements and community outreach. GhostStop has been featured in Time Square, New York as the proud winner of the 2021 Make It Big Awards, a coveted worldwide small business award. Yes, the photo above of Time Square is real and we're super proud to even be considered for such an honor.


We are proud to have been featured and contributed to a number of respected organizations.

We are investigators.

GhostStop is here to provide the best ghost hunting equipment available for paranormal investigations at the best prices. Like most paranormal teams we are here to help others and that is reflected in our service.


As long-time paranormal investigators ourselves, we regularly use the equipment we have in stock, design many devices ourselves and test new gear regularly. We are happy to answer your questions via email, phone and even Facebook.

We are a focused small business.

Support small businesses like GhostStop! When you support small business, together we are helping our communities grow. We care for every customer and provide support with knowledge of our equipment. Those big name warehouses can't say the same. Thank you for your support!

We are happy to help.

We pride ourselves in utilizing our experience and knowledge as a basis for awesome customer service. Whether you need advice, technical support or just want to say, "hey" we are here and respond right away. 


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