Have a Paranormal Invention?

Are you an inventor or gadget junkie that has developed something for use in paranormal research? We want to help you get your device out there. Our mission is to help fund inventors like yourself to continue your work and advance our field.

Just tell us a little about yourself and your invention so we can get in contact.

What we are looking for.

  • We are always on the lookout for ghost hunting equipment that's easy to use for quality documentation of evidence.
  • We are looking for inventions that are well underway or completed.
  • Unique concepts are better than a variation on what already exists. We are not looking to add a product competing with another that already does the job well.
  • We are NOT looking for general ideas for gear. While we appreciate the thought process, we are really looking to help inventors close to a final product to help them market the product and grow with us.
  • Be open to advice and suggestions. We know tech, investigators and the market. We enjoy providing assistance with our experience behind it. It helps, greatly, if you are open to advice.
  • Tell as as much as you're comfortable with sharing. We understand reservations about sharing too much. No worries. But, we do need to have a good understanding or your product to move forward. Photos, drawings, specs and a detailed description of the product and its use is always helpful.

We want to help build success.

Please understand that we always have new designs on deck here in the workshop. It is possible that your idea may be similar to something we already have in the works. Okay, here's some legal stuff that may sound scary, but it's not. The lawyer guys make us do it. We're not looking to steal anyone's great idea. As a matter of fact, we have several successful inventors we have partnered with that can attest to their success. Anyhow, here goes. By communicating your idea to GhostStop you are freely providing information about yourself and your product concepts and intellectual property. When you contact us with your concept, you acknowledge that you understand that GhostStop may currently or previously have a similiar concept(s) and/or may independently create in the future or have created in the past products or ideas that may be highly similar to those that are submitting now. As such, you agree that you will not be entitled to any compensation by reason of GhostStop's discussions with you or use of any communicated material that may be similar to, or derivative of, your submission and that GhostStop shall have no obligation to you.