SPIKE Sensor Pods for Ghost Hunting

The SPIKE collection of ghost hunting modules are made for ease and compactness. Each palm-size pod focuses on a different set of environmental sensors. Choose the ones that best suit the case, flick them on and place them around your investigation area for full coverage.

Spike Pod Multi-Packs

Save big on multiple devices with the below kits. You can CHOOSE your sensors so that no matter the claims on the case, you're ready with a SPIKE.

The SPIKE line of compact ghost hunting modules

The SPIKE collection of ghost hunting devices are made for ease and compactness for paranormal investigations. SPIKE pods are made to be small and effective tools you can drop around your investigation area quickly and easily. Just flick them on, drop them down and get to work.

Features for control and ease with paranormal investigators in mind

While diverse in the way they detects, each Spike pod offers a handy set of features ready to go. No matter the claims on the case, there's a SPIKE to cover it.


- Sensitivity controls

- Rechargeable, long-life battery

- Lighted visual indicators to alert to environmental changes

- Rugged, tough molded enclosure

- Compact design just 2 inches in diameter

Spike Video Demo