Digital Dowsing + GhostStop

Two Legends in the Paranormal United as One

GhostStop is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Digital Dowsing and creator Bill Chappell, famous for groundbreaking ghost hunting equipment including the Ovilus, SLS, Paranormal Puck and many more. With GhostStop founder, Shawn Porter, at the helm this unites two legendary minds in the paranormal field together to push the boundaries of paranormal research and deliver cutting-edge tools to investigators worldwide. Get ready for an exhilarating journey as GhostStop and Digital Dowsing redefine the future of the paranormal landscape together. Stay tuned for exciting developments, as the world of ghost hunting evolves with unprecedented innovation and experience.

Return of the Ovilus

GhostStop has already started manufacturing the Ovilus, by hand, under Bill's direction - exactly as he always has. Beyond that, there is so much in store as we continue the work of Bill Chappell. We will be working through much of his product line and growing upon it.

"There’s no question that Bill Chappell's work has greatly inspired the paranormal field for many years. My crew and I are humbled and excited to continue his legacy of groundbreaking and iconic ghost hunting tools.”

-Shawn Porter, owner of GhostStop

Made by GhostStop with Ovilus Inventor, Bill Chappell

We, at GhostStop, are honored and priveledged to carry on the work of legendary creator and inventor, Bill Chappell. We are now manufacturing the Ovilus under Bill's direction exactly as he always has.

"For me, this passing of the torch is a chance to entrust the next generation with the technology and passion that I've been developing for so many years."

- Bill Chappell of Digital Dowsing and Ovilus creator