Energy Drain Battery Tester

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Energy Drain Battery Tester

Now you can see when battery drain is happening!

It is theorized that ghosts frequently drain the energy from batteries. Anyone who has been investigating for any amount of time has most likely experienced this. This battery energy tester will let you know when a battery is being drained. For use during investigations, we suggest placing a battery into the tester then setting it on the table. Using this battery as bait, ask any spirits present to use the battery in the tester for energy. The needle on the easy-to-read gauge will immediately respond when a battery drain takes place. Since the meter itself does not draw energy, you can be sure that if an energy draw occurs, it must be from a paranormal source.

Check your batteries before every investigation.

This is a very handy tool to check all your batteries before commencing your investigation. This alone makes it a must-have for investigation preparation.

This analog meter will test most batteries including AA, AAA, C, D, 9-volt and some mini-cell batteries.

4 Reviews

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    A Must

    Posted by William on Jul 10th 2023

    Super easy to use and crucial if you want to gather evidence of "good" batteries suddenly going bad.

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    Must have item

    Posted by Paige on Aug 22nd 2022

    This has been a huge help! I can make sure all my batteries are a full charge before ghost hunting. Then I can use it as a tool to see if any spirits are around. It makes ghost hunting more fun, effective and efficient. It is a must have in my equipment.

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    Great tool to add to your kit!

    Posted by Amelia on Mar 21st 2022

    Awesome little gadget to have with you on your adventures! Used it to test my rechargeable batteries which was immensely helpful! Used it on an investigation this last weekend for the first time and asked the spirits to drain the battery and by the time I walked back in the room the battery was dead!! Easy to use! Thank you GhostStop for all your amazing gear and customer service!

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    from ed

    Posted by edward connolly on Jun 4th 2013

    hey guys if you do any ghost cases the Battery Tester is a must have for your team. It works very good. ghost stop is number 1 on my Facebook and I've been buying things from them for a long time. you can trust them, then some.