Boo Bucks Rewards



How does it work?

Earning: Boo Bucks that are earned from purchases will be credited once the order is shipped. For sharing, you must click on the related social media box above to verify you follow us for Boo Bucks to be earned. Boo Bucks will be removed for returned, refunded and canceled orders.

Redeeming: To redeem Boo Bucks, click on one of the ‘REDEEM’ buttons above indicating the amount you wish to convert to credit. They can only be redeemed in the increments listed. Once redeemed, this will automatically add 'Store Credit' to your account which is shown as a credit on the final checkout page.


What happened to Reward Tokens?

Boo Bucks were formerly known as Reward Tokens. We've upgraded the system with more benefits and features and renamed it 'Boo Bucks' by popular demand from our fans on social media. If you had Reward Tokens with the old system, those Tokens have already been migrated over and converted into Boo Bucks.

All prices on this page are displayed in USD regardless of the currency selection at the top.