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BooBuddy Jr. Trigger Bear Ghost Hunting Go-Kit Learner Ghost Hunting Kit Wide Angle IR Flood Light
BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear
Price: $99.95
Sale: $79.95
Ghost Hunting Go-Kit
Price: $82.00
Sale: $69.95
Learner Ghost Hunting Kit
Price: $142.00
Sale: $135.95
Wide-Angle IR Light
Price: $89.95
Sale: $69.95
EVP Band Wrist Recorder Beginner Ghost Hunting Kit EMF & Laser Grid Kit IR & Full Spectrum Dual Light
EVP Wrist Recorder
Price: $39.95
Sale: $34.95
Beginner Ghost Hunting Kit
Price: $177.00
Sale: $175.95
EMF & Laser Grid Kit
Price: $94.00
Sale: $79.95
Dual IR & Full Spectrum Light
Price: $75.95
Sale: $59.95
Tough Ghost Hunting Kit BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit Full Spectrum POV Camcorder Point of View works with GoPro mounts Do-It-Yourself EMF Meter Kit
Tough Ghost Hunting Kit
Price: $391.00
Sale: $334.95
BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit
Price: $166.00
Sale: $129.95
Full Spectrum POV Cam
Price: $179.95
Sale: $159.95
+ FREE IR Light!
DIY EMF Meter Kit
Price: $39.95
Sale: $34.95
Night Vision Infrared IR Light EDI Meter Ghost Hunting Device Full Spectrum Digital Camera Gus The Ghost Ornament
IR Light
Price: $55.95
Sale: $49.95
EDI Meter
Price: $129.95
Sale: $99.95
Full Spectrum Digital Camera
Price: $179.95
Sale: $139.95
Gus The Ghost Ornament
Price: $15.95
Sale: $4.95
USED EMF Meter with Switch black2 Full Spectrum GoPro Camcorder FLIR TG165 Thermal Imaging Camera Laser Grid and Tripod PACKAGE
USED EMF Meter with Switch
Price: $59.90
Sale: $49.95
USED Full Spectrum GoPro
Price: $599.95
Sale: $319.95
FLIR Thermal Cam TG165
Price: $499.99
Sale: $399.95
+ Free FLIR Gear
Laser Grid and Tripod PACKAGE
Price: $55.00
Sale: $39.95
Laser Scope Grid Green Light Up Ghost 360° Camera Rig Package with Cameras ELF Zone Gauss Meter
Laser Grid Scope
Price: $28.00
Sale: $19.95
Light Up Ghost
Price: $9.95
Sale: $5.95
360° Camera Rig Package - ST
Price: $689.95
Sale: $559.95
ELF Meter
Price: $15.95
Sale: $9.95
Ghost Hunters International Gargoyle T-Shirt Ghost Hunters International GHI English Manor T-Shirt Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Bank Ghostbusters Coffee Mug
GHI Gargoyle LS T-Shirt
Price: $29.95
Sale: $18.95
Free Autograph
GHI English Manor T-Shirt
Price: $24.95
Sale: $18.95
Free Autograph
Ghostbusters Stay Puft Bank
Price: $36.95
Sale: $26.95 Last made LIMITED supply.
Ghostbusters Mug
Price: $24.95
Sale: $17.95
Ghostbusters Stay Puft Keychain USED Flir i7 Thermal Cam Ghost Hunters International Hat
Ghostbusters Singing Stay Puft
Price: $19.95
Sale: $11.95
USED Flir i7 Thermal Cam
Price: $1,995.00
Sale: $1,399.95
Ghost Hunters International Hat
Price: $24.95
Sale: $18.95
Free Autograph
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* Gift promotion and prices for a LIMITED TIME while supplies last. All prices are subject to change at any time. We suggest you grab items on sale when you can as these items and prices may only be available, as stated, for a LIMITED TIME. Promotional items and complimentary products are subject to availability while supplies last. These items will be shipped on a first-come, first-served priority. was formed by a paranormal investigator for paranormal investigators to help provide the best ghost hunting equipment available for the best prices. We have taken the time to test out much of our equipment and offer only what we consider the best equipment for ghost hunting. The 'Our Picks' section features a handful of ghost hunting equipment we use on every investigation.

We offer a wide selection of ghost hunting equipment from EMF meters, digital voice recorders (for EVP), thermometers, thermal cameras, DVR video systems with night vision, equipment cases, digital cameras and video cameras to paranormal magazines, books, DVDs, ghost hunter apparel and more.