FLIR E4 Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Compact Night Vision Infrared IR Light Real-Time Interactive EVP Spirit Box RT-EVP for Paranormal Research
FLIR E4 Thermal Camera
Price: $995.00
Bonus FLIR Gear!
Compact IR Light
Price: $24.95
Spirit Box RT-EVP 2
Price: $229.95
BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Doll Full Spectrum Light EVP Recorder USB Drive
360° Full Spectrum Video Camera System Laser Grid GS1 Ghost and Motion Detection System Ghost Box Ovilus 4
Laser Grid GS1
Price: $89.95
Ghost Box Ovilus IV
Price: $299.00
Full Spectrum Sony Camcorder IR & Full Spectrum Dual Light Full Spectrum Head POV Video Camcorder Point of View
Full Spectrum POV Cam
Sale: $139.95
+ FREE IR Light!
Mobile Ghost EMF Antenna Laser Scope Grid Green K2 Deluxe EMF Meter With On/Off Switch Sound Alert
Laser Grid Scope
Sale: $19.95
Learner Ghost Hunting Kit 360° Camera Rig Package BooBuddy Jr. Trigger Bear
K2 Deluxe EMF Meter With On/Off Switch Full Spectrum POV Pro Camcorder Full Spectrum Digital Camera IR and UV
Full Spectrum Camera
Price: $289.00
Olympus EVP Recorder with USB and LIVE EVP Listening Spirit Box B-PSB7 EVP for ITC Research REM Pod EMF Detector
Spirit Box SB7
Price: $69.90
REM Pod with Temp
Price: $179.95
Ghost Box & EMF Kit Ghost Hunting 360° Puck Laser Grid System Mel Meter REM-ATDD Natural EMF/Temp Guage
Ghost Box & EMF Kit
Sale: $179.95
Mel Meter REM-ATDD
Price: $239.00
FREE Carry Case!
Full Spectrum Head POV Video Camcorder Point of View Spirit Box PSB11 Radio Sweep Ghost Hunting Go-Kit
Full Spectrum GoPro Cam
Sale: $339.95
FREE IR Light!
Spirit Box SB11
Price: $149.90
EMF/Temperature Digital Mel Meter With RED Backlight and flashlight FLIR E4 Compact Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera 360° Camera Rig Package with GoPros
Mel Meter
Price: $98.95
FREE Carry Case!
FLIR E5 Thermal Camera
Price: $1,495.00
Bonus FLIR Gear!
Red Light Night Vision Infrared IR Light Gauss Master EMF Meter
Red Light
Price: $53.99
IR Light
Sale: $49.95
Ghost EMF Meter
Price: $39.95
360° Camera Rig Package with Cameras Dual-Mode Full Spectrum & Normal Light Camcorder

We are investigators building for investigators. GhostStop is not just a store. We are investigators that build and supply gear for teams around the world and shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International and more. Ask anyone who has used GhostStop and you'll hear our customer service and quality is unbeatable in the industry because we KNOW the equipment.

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Visit our sister shop for UFO Hunters Equipment and sky watch gear. was formed by a paranormal investigator for paranormal investigators to help provide the best ghost hunting equipment available for the best prices. We have taken the time to test out much of our equipment and offer only what we consider the best equipment for ghost hunting. The 'Our Picks' section features a handful of ghost hunting equipment we use on every investigation.

We offer a wide selection of ghost hunting equipment from EMF meters, digital voice recorders (for EVP), thermometers, thermal cameras, DVR video systems with night vision, equipment cases, digital cameras and video cameras to paranormal magazines, books, DVDs, ghost hunter apparel and more.