Ghost In A Bottle Necklace

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Ghost In A Bottle Necklace

Caught fresh daily.

Whether for yourself or the ghost hunter in your life, this fun gift is sure to please. We have gone through the meticulous process of selecting only the finest and most loveable ghosties we could find. Make sure you give them proper attention and display the orbs proudly and they will love you forever.

Cute and Spooky Style that Glows in the Dark

Unleash the magic and spookify your style with our Ghost in A Bottle Necklace! This hauntingly adorable accessory is designed to enchant ghost hunters and lovers of all things spooktacular. Brace yourself for a necklace that's not only bewitchingly beautiful but also radiates a ghostly glow after dark!

Crafted from real glass, this necklace features a petite pendant that's a tiny bottle housing a glow-in-the-dark ghost. It's like having your very own spectral companion, glowing at your command! The pendant is sealed with a small wooden cork stopper, ensuring your mischievous ghost stays put.

Versatile Use as a Necklace, Keychain or Decor

Not only does our Ghost in A Bottle Necklace make a bewitching accessory, but it's also a versatile phantom friend! With a quick and easy removal of the necklace chain, your ghostly companion transforms into the perfect keychain or purse and backpack accessory adding a touch of spectral charm to your daily adventures.

And for those who prefer to summon spirits within the sacred walls of home, fear not! This enchanting ghost can also double as a delightful decor piece. Place it on your desk, bedside table, or any corner that needs a touch of spectral elegance. Your home will be imbued with a ghostly glow that's both charming and comforting.

Glows in the Dark and Ultraviolet for Added Spookiness.

Did we mention it glows in the dark? Or just add a UV light for an awesome glowing effect to kick the eerie factor up a notch. For glow-in-the-dark, just charge it up with regular light, sunlight or UV and watch it glow on its own for a long time.

A Spooktacular Gift for Every Ghost Lover

This necklace isn't just for ghost hunters—it's a spellbinding gift for all the spooky souls in your life. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, witchy rendezvous, Valentine's Day or just a reason to say "thank you" this ghost in a bottle necklace is the perfect potion for a bewitching gift.

Made with love and a dash of supernatural charm, our Ghost in A Bottle Necklace is more than just jewelry; it's a statement, a conversation starter, and a token of spooky camaraderie. Get ready to turn heads and capture spirits with this ghostly delight! Made from glowing resin, our cute ghost is eager to accompany you on all your supernatural adventures. The alloy chain adds a touch of durability and smoothness, making it comfortable to wear whether you're investigating haunted houses or just haunting the town in style.

Size: The bottle measures about 1.8" tall by 0.8" round. The chain is an adjustable 20" long.

Materials: Bottle is real glass and chain is made of alloy material with a smooth and durable finish that is lead-free, nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

Don't forget these 3 important rules:

  1. No bright light!
  2. Do not get them wet!
  3. Do not feed them after midnight!

It takes great responsibility to own and care for such a unique pet. As such, we feel it is our like responsibility to ensure that future owners of Ghosts take equal (if not exceeding) good care of them.

*NOTE: If after reading the above rules you still feel the need to ask us what to feed them, we highly suggest watching more 80's movies - or you get the joke. Either way, it makes us giggle. We hope you do to. So, ask away on our Facebook page and see what we say.