Ghost Hunting Equipment

Coffee Mug Spirit Box B-PSB7 EVP for ITC Research Mel Meter REM-ATDD Natural EMF/Temp Guage Ghost Box & EMF Kit Ghost Hunting
Coffee Mug
Sale: $15.95 Intro Price
Spirit Box SB7
Price: $69.90 New Model + Free Speaker
Mel Meter REM-ATDD
Sale: $199.95
Ghost Box & EMF Kit
Sale: $245.95
Olympus EVP Recorder with USB and LIVE EVP Listening REM Pod EMF Detector Laser Grid GS2 Ghost and Motion Detection System Ghost Box Faraday Cage Wallet Pouch
REM Pod with Temp
Price: $189.90
Ghost Box Faraday Wallet
Sale: $19.95 Intro Price
EDI Meter Plus Ghost Hunting Equipment Motion Sensor Alarm with Audio and Visual Alerts Flux 2 Ghost Communication Device Ghost Hunting Equipment Case
EDI+ Meter
Sale: $179.95
Tough Gear Case
Sale: $15.95
EVP Band Wrist Recorder 360° Full Spectrum Video Camera System TriField TF2 EMF Meter Full Spectrum POV Camcorder Point of View works with GoPro mounts
Full Spectrum POV Cam
Sale: $154.95 + Free Light
Spirit Box Ghost Hunting Kit BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit BooBuddy Jr. Trigger Bear Footstep Motion Sensor Vibration Geophone
Digital EMF Meter with Temperature K2 Deluxe EMF Meter With On/Off Switch SBox Ghost Scanner Spirit Box FLIR TG165 Thermal Imaging Camera
Digital EMF Meter
Sale: $59.95
K2 EMF Meter
Price: $59.90
SBox Ghost Box + Recorder
Sale: $64.95 New Product!
GhostStop Ghost Hunting Equipment - Rook EMF Meter with Sound Wide Angle IR Flood Light Laser Grid GS1 Ghost and Motion Detection System USB Battery Pack & Charger
Rook EMF Meter with Sound
Price: $69.95 + Free Case!
Laser Grid GS1
Sale: $69.95
USB Power Pack
Sale: $24.95
Beginner Ghost Hunting Kit Laser Scope Grid Green EMF/Temperature Digital Mel Meter With RED Backlight and flashlight IR & Full Spectrum Dual Light
Laser Grid Scope
Sale: $18.95
Mel Meter
Price: $99.00

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If you’re on the lookout for new investigation gear… GhostStop really is the one-stop shop for all your equipment needs right from the guys who make it.

Jason Hawes
Ghost Hunters

GhostStop is the leading paranormal research facility anywhere with the most talented creators of the most advanced equipment. Shawn and crew work tirelessly to support teams and charities. GhostStop has been leading the way for years.

Tim Yancey

Always a pleasure doing business with GhostStop. Very professional, great customer service and nice location to visit in person. I'm not very tech savvy but I know I can ask the staff here and get explanations that are useful for me and make my equipment purchases fit what I'm looking for.

Michelle Vance

We are GhostStop.

GhostStop is here to provide the best ghost hunting equipment for paranormal investigations at the best prices. Teams around the world rely on us for investigation gear because we know the equipment, we build it and we are passionate about proper research.

We build it

We are investigators building for investigators. GhostStop is the longest running and most highly recommended ghost hunting equipment store focused solely on investigation gear. We build and supply gear for teams, and shows around the world.

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Ask anyone who has used GhostStop and you'll hear our customer service and quality is unbeatable in the industry because we know the equipment. We are not just a store. We are fellow investigators with decades of experience we put to work for the field.

Small business

When you buy from GhostStop, you are helping a small business develop for our community. We build gear, use the equipment regularly on investigations and take great care for every customer providing support with knowledge. You’re not just a number and we appreciate your support!