What is a Spirit Box?

What is a Spirit Box?

Posted by GhostStop on May 2nd 2024

Unveiling the Mystery of the Spirit Box

In the realm of paranormal investigations, tools and equipment play a crucial role in unraveling the mysteries of the unseen. Among the array of gadgets used by ghost hunters, the  spirit box stands out as a fascinating and controversial device. But what exactly is a spirit box, and how does it contribute to the pursuit of understanding the supernatural?

What is a Spirit Box?

SBox Spirit Box for Ghost Hunting

A spirit box, or ghost box, is a handheld electronic device used by paranormal investigators to communicate with spirits or entities from the afterlife. They operate by scanning through radio frequencies in real-time, creating a stream of white noise and audio fragments. Others detect environmental readings such as EMF (electromagnetic energy). The idea is that entities can manipulate these frequencies to generate coherent responses to questions posed by the investigator. It is also believed that the white noise generated can provide a kind of fuel for entities to communicate.

The theory behind spirit boxes draws from the belief that spirits can manipulate electromagnetic fields or radio frequencies to communicate with the living. Proponents of this theory suggest that spirits can harness the energy emitted by these devices to convey messages or make their presence known.

Exploring the Theory of Ghost Communicators

The history of spirit boxes is a testament to humanity's enduring fascination with the unknown and our relentless quest for understanding. While skeptics may dismiss these devices as mere gadgets or products of suggestibility, for many paranormal investigators, spirit boxes represent a tangible link to the unseen world.

Thomas Edison: Great Inventor of the Well-Known Light Bulb and Lesser-Known Spirit Phone

Thomas Edison inventor

Thomas Edison, best known for his invention of the phonograph and light bulb, also delved into the realm of the afterlife with development on a paranormal communication device.  Edison's Spirit Phone device was more a private passion project as he explored an interested in unveiling what lies beyond (or within). While Edison's contributions to scientific technology are widely celebrated, his foray into the world of spirit communication remains a lesser-known aspect of his private work.

“I have been at work for some time building an apparatus to see if it is possible for personalities which have left this earth to communicate with us... If this is ever accomplished it will be accomplished not by any occult, mystifying, mysterious or weird means, such as are employed by so-called mediums, but by scientific methods.” - Edison in an interview with Forbes, October 16, 1920

Edison believed that a break into knowledge of the beyond would happen solely through technology and scientific means.

Frank's Box and Beyond

The concept of spirit communication through electronic devices has a long history, with Frank Sumption's "Frank's Box" serving as one of the earliest examples of the modern concept of a spirit box. Developed in the early 2000s, Frank's box utilized a modified AM/FM radio receiver to sweep through frequencies, based on the theory that spirits could manipulate radio frequencies to form words or phrases.

Modern Spirit Box Technology

Following the introduction of Frank's box, numerous variations and improvements emerged in the realm of spirit communication devices. Paranormal researchers and enthusiasts experiment with different scanning methods, frequency ranges, and audio output options to enhance the efficacy of these tools.

The development of digital spirit boxes represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of the technology. However, as more are used and experimented with, this is still an evolving technology and theory. Inventors such as Bill Chappell, Shawn Porter and Gary Galka are constantly creating and evolving the tools for paranormal research.

What is the difference between a Spirit Box and a Ghost Box?

In general, both terms are used quite interchangeably as they both relate to devices used to communicate with ghosts and the beyond through words or phrases. However, there are subsets of devices that operate using differing theories. One of which, utilizes radio bands as a scanning method. Another set produce words based on other environmental readings like energy. Lastly, there is another set of devices some still refer to as ghost box that simply take input audio and distort it considerably. The latter are moreso referred to as a ghost box or 'portal'.

To be clear, most investigators and enthusiasts use those terms interchangeably.

Popular Spirit Box Models of Today

In contemporary paranormal investigations, several spirit box models have gained popularity among enthusiasts and investigators alike. Here are some of the most notable ones:

SBox Ghost Scanner: The SBox spirit box is revered for its simplicity, effectiveness and added functionality. It features a sleek design with on-board recording and customizable scanning speeds, allowing users to adjust many settings to their preference.

Ovilus: The well-known device widely referred to as "the box that speaks words," Ovilus takes spirit communication to a whole new level of information and ease. While primarily known for displaying words on the screen based on environmental readings, it has 8 data-driven, feature-heavy modes that every investigator wants at their side.

SB7 Spirit Box: Widely regarded as one of the pioneering models in the field, the SB7 Spirit Box is widely used and seen on some of the most popular TV shows. It's also now recognized by many gamers as the Phasmophobia Spirit Box. Side note: the game copied the existing design and functionality from the manufacturer. But I suppose that's for another article.

SB11 Spirit Box: Building upon the success of its predecessor, the SB11 Spirit Box incorporates additional features such as dual-channel scanning and adjustable sweep rates. It also includes built-in temperature sensors and a flashlight for added functionality during investigations.

Do spirit boxes work?

Spirit boxes remain a subject of debate both outside and within the paranormal community. Their role in investigations continues to intrigue and captivate enthusiasts worldwide. Whether viewed as innovative tools for contacting the other side or dismissed as mere electronic noise, spirit boxes offer a unique function for experimentation that may, one day, prove to unravel the mysteries of the unknown.

Most spirit boxes function as intended wether that be sweeping radio bands or detecting environmental readings then providing a response. The above mentioned products are some of the most popular, widely tested by researchers and well known for their steadfast work in this field providing great results.

However, investigators should always focus on looking for contextual and consistent responses. Regarding radio sweep spirit boxes, there can be a lot of broadcast interference to listen through. With practice you will learn to find the nuggets of gold through the sand and when something comes through, you'll know it. Additionally, there are spirit box accessories to help clean up this interference such as a faraday pouch or noise reducer.

There are some, like phone apps, that are built "for entertainment purposes only" and, generally, do not abide by the intended concept of a spirit box. In short, most of them are just displaying random words. While fun with friends, they should not be used for investigations and, absolutely, should never be presented as evidence to a client or the research field.

In the end, whether one believes in their efficacy or not, the spirit box serves as a bridge between the tangible world and the realm of the supernatural, inviting us to explore the boundaries of communication delving deeper into the unknown plains of existence.

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