Ghost Box Ovilus III

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This Ovilus 3 model is no longer manufacturered. We suggest these TOP Picks with similar features.

Ovilus 3 Ghost Box

alert iconThis model is NO LONGER AVAILABLE
This Ovilus 3 is no longer available and, generally, very hard to acquire even used. 

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Now, ghosts can speak...
The revolutionary Ghost Box Ovilus III converts environmental readings into real words. Now you can get real words and phonetic responses to your questions. Theories suggest that spirits and other paranormal entities may be able to alter our environment such as electromagnet frequencies, temperature, etc. The Ovilous III takes advantage of this by using these frequencies to choose a response from a preset database of over 2,000 words. The idea behind this, is that an intelligent entity will be able to alter the environment in such a way that forces the Ovilus to "speak" an appropriate response.

Ovilus 3 Model Features

  • Built-in 6-line display for words - no more need for add-on attachments (no DTD needed)
  • Multiple operating modes including dictionary and phonetic modes
  • Thermal flashlight changes colors indicating changes in temperature
  • Internal speaker that 'speaks' the words with volume control
  • Word dictionary of over 2,000 words

9 Reviews

  • 4

    Posted by Rachel Lynn Burk on Oct 3rd 2022

    I got one of these in a set of equipment that I picked up at a Pawn shop a couple of years ago....... I LOVE IT, but its something that I hardly ever use. QUESTION, anyone know somewhere to sell things like this? I dont wanna get low balled, and its no harm if I keep it. Maybe I will use it again.

  • 5
    Need to start making this again

    Posted by Lesley on Oct 4th 2021

    This is THE BEST Ovilus ever. Whenever I go to events or talk about it I constantly hear that I am so lucky to own one because 'it's a gem' and I second this because I have the best results with it. I use it side by side with my audio recorder. I've caught an EVP saying you don't have any nerve and at the same time as this EVP was caught you can hear me on the audio acknowledging that the Ovilus 3 said the word Nerve. I want you guys to start making this one again or come out with a new and updated version of this exact one cuz this one is

  • 1
    Works, but not well

    Posted by Zach B on Oct 28th 2019

    This thing is junk. It is a black box of who knows how it really works. I got mine and quickly realized I can't trust any of the results. How do you even validate this random word that gets spit out when the product won't even fully describe the readings it uses to make the determination. I would not spend over $100 on this "toy."

  • 5
    Bought This from GhostStop LOVE It

    Posted by Lois Sell on Dec 19th 2013

    Well I have to say it is one of our favorite ghost tools to use .We was in a lock down in a 1813 Mausoleum just myself and my daughter .She was useing it and it said (bug) and a short time later a spider ran down my coat sleave .And I hate bugs :( ..I have to say it you can get one of these baby its a very nice tool to have in your collection .Mine was bought as a gift for me from the B/F who I now send to this site all the time with more gift Ideals hahahaaa I have to give this OvilusIII and GhostStop 2 thumbs up for a great job well done :) Happy Holidays ... TyrantsGhostAndspiritreconteam

  • 5
    Amazing device

    Posted by John Gengelbach on Nov 17th 2013

    I'm investigating my own house. This is the Caddliac ghost hunting tool. It started speaking as soon as I put the batteries in. I take it everywhere I go. after it started speaking my hair stood up and I got goose bumps. I call it an electronic Ouija board, love it.

  • 5

    Posted by Veronica Schultz on Sep 17th 2013

    Tried it out on our last hunt, with all the features it has it was incredible. Worth the money. Word of advice: watch the videos available on how to use it, there are functions that the simplistic written instructions do not explain well. But with the videos - wow you can make this box do awesome things.

  • 5
    So many devices in one

    Posted by James Rosier on Jun 7th 2013

    I really didn't expect this to have as many functions as it does! This is a whole kit in one!

  • 5
    Worth every penny

    Posted by Oshnboo on Apr 22nd 2013

    From the time that I put the batteries in I started getting evps. Now I need to interpret the words & phrases. Really neat but one must know that they can stay firm in their resolve to accept things for what they are. I'm very happy.

  • 5
    Great Device

    Posted by tyler huth on Apr 11th 2013

    My group Pittsburgh Paranormal Research Team just recieved this in the mail recently and so far this device is everything it's said to be. There are so many useful features on it. For us so far the phonetic mode has given us the most relevant answers and the thermal feature is great on this! This is a must have for any group.