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Audio recorders are a staple investigation tool for recording EVP (electronic voice phenomena) which is sound potentially caused by ghosts in order to communicate with us from the beyond. A ghost box or spirit box is also a handy device using various methods to promote and enhance potential communication.
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EVP and Audio Recorders for Paranormal Research

Audio recorders are a handy tool for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators for recording EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and for documenting activity on an investigation. The most common reason for having an audio recorder on-hand during an investigation is to record potential EVPs. The theory behind this type of phenomena is that when an intelligent being is attempting to communicate with us an imprint of their energy can be heard while playing the file back. This can manifest itself by way of a voice, whisper or other audible disturbances. This is particularly notable when heard as a response to a question or a request for signs of presence.

We carry a wide selection of EVP recorders, ghost boxes and related devices to suit your budget and research needs. Not sure which one is best for you? No problem, just contact us and we'll be happy to assist.