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Blindfold for Estes Method Sessions

Fit is super comfortable without being overbearing during Estes Method experiments where sensory deprivation is helpful. This eye mask's lightweight construction is perfect for your investigations. They are foldable for easy packing away at the end of the night.

The unique nose pad design of the face mask blocks light coming from the nose area, creating total darkness and optimal visual deprivation. Super soft and breathable sports fabric makes it more comfortable to wear. The eye cushions are filled with a 3D contoured memory fiber for a custom fit that is cool and breathable. The eye area is formed away from the eyes so that it won't rub agains your eyelids for optimum comfort. This mask is machine washable and quick drying. One size fits most with an elastic strap and velcro that can be adjusted to fit everyone.

For Use with the Estes Method

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