The Best Night Vision Ghost Hunting Cameras You Need

The Best Night Vision Ghost Hunting Cameras You Need

Posted by GhostStop on Oct 22nd 2021

Amateur ghost hunters often underestimate the importance of the night vision camera. They charge up their cellphones, press record, and start exploring. Besides, the phone has a light.

However, the decision to invest in specialized equipment may signal a ghost hunter’s choice to take their passion more seriously. Just as any artist, tradesperson, or craftsperson has their “tools of the trade,” so too do paranormal investigators have their ghost hunting gear.

Night vision cameras are ideal for ghost hunting because they allow you to capture video in little-to-no light without the need for blinding white light and a camera flash. Additionally, because they are optimized for this purpose, they produce more reliable footage, they improve your overall energy consumption, and they free up other devices to serve more practical purposes.

The Best Night Vision Cameras for Ghost Hunting

The best night vision cameras use infrared (IR) light to record visual phenomena. Some are better suited for a static position, while others are best equipped for portability.

Full Spectrum vs Night Vision

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The term ‘night vision’ refers to a camera that can see in the dark. More specifically, a camera that can see infrared light - light that the human eye cannot see.

A full spectrum camera is one that can see even further into the dark including ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR) and visible light all at once. We like to refer to Full Spectrum technology as ‘night vision PLUS’. This full spectrum POV camera is best suited for beginners all the way through your pro years.

Capture Your Paranormal Investigation in Full 360° View

A reliable strategy for paranormal investigators is to mount a static camera in one area of the target location, while the team asks questions elsewhere. This 360 Degree Ghost Camera from GhostStop is the perfect sentry.

It captures floor-to-ceiling footage in a full, 360-degree view, making it ideal for central placement. If your exploration triggers activity in the original area, you’ll have every angle covered.

Record Paranormal Activity on Visible and Nonvisible Spectrum

Speaking of your exploration, you’ll need a reliable camera to carry with you or mount on your body. This full spectrum POV camera is an ideal choice because it captures footage in everything from ultraviolet light to IR, it’s compact, and it’s easy to install on tripods and head mounts.

The Best Night Vision Camcorders for Ghost Hunting

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Paranormal investigators reach for night vision camcorders when they want both functionality and higher resolution footage. If you’re targeting visual activity in dark locations, you may prefer an IR camcorder. Alternatively, if you need to conduct research across the entire light spectrum, you’d likely want a full-spectrum camcorder.

Collect Extrasensory Phenomena in Total Darkness

This Night Vision Camcorder captures 1080p High-Definition footage in low-light conditions with a built-in IR light. It even has motion detection to maximize your situational awareness.

Capture Full-Spectrum Ghost Hunting Footage

This dual-purpose Full Spectrum and IR Camcorder allows you to capture potential paranormal activity occurring anywhere from UV to IR. When you play it back, you still get that crisp 1080p HD resolution to maximize clarity.

Pair with a Suitable Light

While the term ‘night vision’ sounds like the camera can see in total darkness, it does not. Just like the human eye needs light to see, so does a night vision camera. The difference is that a night vision camera can see infrared (light we cannot see).

Some night vision cameras might have this built in, so you don’t even notice it. But they all need an illuminator to see - just like us. Full spectrum also still needs light. Though, this is easier to provide as they can see further into the light spectrum.

The Best Ghost Hunting Camera Package to Maximize Efficiency

If you’re looking to invest in solid, reliable ghost hunting gear, it’s recommended that get the most out of your investment. This Full Spectrum POV Video Package provides you with everything you need to start recording in UV, IR, and visible light conditions. The flexible tripod makes it easy to mount for both mobile and static applications.

The Best Ghost Hunting Equipment Suppliers You Need to Know

At GhostStop, we’ve been using night vision cameras for ghost hunting for more than two decades now. We love innovating new tools and tactics for improving your paranormal investigations. If you want to keep discussing the best ghost cameras with us, reach out to our team today.