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Tough Ghost Hunting Kit

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Tough Gear Ghost Hunting Kit

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Our Tough Gear Kit features high quality and rugged gear for Full Spectrum Video, EMF, Temperature, EVP recording and a protective case to put it all in.This includes a Full Spectrum HD camcorder and IR light.

This kit includes the following items:

  • Full Spectrum HD Camcorder
    This mountable POV camcorder takes true Full Spectrum HD video completely hands free. Mount it anywhere you like with any of the various mounting systems from head straps, chest mounts to bike mounts. This cam is compatible with most of the GoPro mounts and accessories. (more info and cam specs).
  • Infrared Night Vision Light
    This compact Creepy Hollow night vision light was made to offer a good amount of IR light in the smallest package ever! Using just 2 high-power LED lights it utilizes a lithium battery for over 10 hours of use. For it's size, it packs a surprisingly powerful punch! (more info)
  • EDI+ EMF Meter with Graphing New model!
    The EDI+ meter is an all-in-one ghost hunting tool built for ghost hunting and paranormal investigators. The EDI+ detects EMF, temperature, vibration, pressure and humidity with data logging you can graph for thorough analysis. The EDI+ comes with a rubber production boot. You can choose your boot color above. (more info)
  • EVP Wrist Recorder New model!
    This 'handy' audio recorder puts high quality audio and EVP recording right on your wrist. Just hit record and go investigating. You can record all night long without holding or even thinking about your recorder. Having audio mounted on your wrist greatly reduces any fumbling around with the recorder which can sometimes cause false evidence. (more info)
  • Gear Case
    GhostStop keeps your gear safe! This case features a deep base to store your precious gear with greater storage capacity. The handle is offset to provide better balance and a comfortable grip. It also features a slide open/shut lockable latches with a bead-line seal fit between base and lid. It's made with tough yet lightweight ABS plastic to keep your gear safe and secure. (more info)
  • Flashlight
    Compact GhostStop flashlight for investigating safety. Twist end allows for use with the 'flashlight experiment'.
  • Flexible Tripod
    Mount your camera anywhere with this flexible camera tripod. It has flexible legs with non-slip gripping surface and a 360° swivel and tilt head.
* See item links for specs and details of each item and actual model may vary from what is shown in the photo based on availability.

1 Review

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    Love this kit.

    Posted by Adam Stone on May 15th 2012

    Came in just when I needed it and everything works great! Customer service was top notch as well. I swear by this store.

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