Paranormal Hunting Tools to Try on Halloween

Paranormal Hunting Tools to Try on Halloween

Posted by GhostStop on Oct 17th 2022

For some people, Halloween is a time to enjoy a good scare. For others, it’s a time to hunt down ghosts.

In fact, Halloween is a great time to be a paranormal investigator! It’s widely believed that the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and the spirits of the departed are at their most powerful, during this time.

At GhostStop, we’ve been conducting Halloween ghost hunts for decades. In this article, our veteran ghost hunters discuss the best tools, the best practices, and the most creative ideas for a Halloween paranormal investigation.

Happy hunting!

Paranormal Hunting Tools for a Halloween Ghost Hunt

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There are a few key tools you’ll need for a successful ghost hunt on Halloween. Here’s what our experts recommend:

A Ghost Box Communicator

Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator Ghost Hunting Equipment

A ghost box communicator is one of the most important tools for hunting ghosts on Halloween. It allows you to communicate with possible spirits and ask them questions about their lives and deaths.

We recommend the newest innovation in ghost hunting equipment, the Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator. This ghost hunting tool has a unique design that makes it the most effective way to communicate with ghosts.

The Onvoy Ghost Box Communicator is easy to use. Just turn it on and ask your questions out loud. Then, watch as words, phrases, and emotions are spelled out for your consideration!

A Full-Spectrum, Night Vision Video Camera

Phasm Cam Full Spectrum Night Vision Video Camera

You must be prepared to capture visual anomalies, even if they’re undetectable to your human eye. One of the best options on the market today is the Phasm Cam.

This camera empowers you to capture potential evidence in low-light conditions and complete darkness. This, combined with its high-resolution video recording capabilities, makes the Phasm Cam perfect for chasing down ghosts and other supernatural entities on Halloween.

A Ghost Scanner Spirit Box

SBox Ghost Box + Recorder

Finally, a ghost scanner spirit box is a must-have tool for any Halloween ghost hunt, and we recommend the SBox Ghost Hunting Spirit Box. This device uses radio frequencies to scan through AM, FM, and shortwave bands, where ghosts are believed to communicate.

Also, it records. This enables you to capture potential electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, which may be heightened at this time of year.

How to Find a Ghost on Halloween

Searching for ghosts on Halloween night is a fun and exciting way to celebrate the holiday. To increase your chances of finding a little ghostly activity on Halloween, we suggest visiting spooky locations that have a reputation for being haunted, if for no other reason than for an extra bit of excitement

There are many ways to find these types of locations, including conducting online research, talking to local residents, or visiting your local library. Keep an eye out for reports of unexplained activity.

Old copies of your local newspaper may indicate historical moments that could have contributed to paranormal activity, such as the site of a tragic accident. Through proper research and preparation, you too can become a Ghostbuster and hunt ghosts in real life this Halloween!

Most importantly, get permission. Do not trespass on any property you do not have the right to enter.

Gear Up for Halloween Ghost Hunting with GhostStop

At GhostStop, we curate, build, and upgrade only the best equipment in ghost hunting technology. To find the perfect ghost hunting gear for a paranormal investigation on Halloween, reach out to our team today.