How to Become a Ghostbuster and Hunt Ghosts in Real Life

How to Become a Ghostbuster and Hunt Ghosts in Real Life

Posted by GhostStop on Jun 24th 2022

Many of us grew up watching the Ghostbusters movies and cartoons. Or maybe Scooby Doo? More recently maybe you’re more of a fan of the Phasmophobia ghost hunting game. Many times, that’s where the interest starts and a true yearning to explore begins.

Now, suit up and learn what it means to investigate in real life.

If you’re anything like the team at GhostStop, then you imagine capturing evidence of the paranormal with your own skill, luck, and creativity. Fortunately, we’ve determined the 4 simple steps to becoming a ghostbuster worthy of the calling.

How to Become a Ghostbuster in 4 Simple Steps

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To become a real-life ghostbuster:

  1. Research the history behind your local area, or any intended investigation areas.
  2. Identify the paranormal investigation strategies that best address the phenomena that you’re hunting for.
  3. Invest in reliable ghost hunting equipment that is designed to capture the type of evidence that you’re investigating for.
  4. Form a team of like-minded individuals that compliment your skill sets and record your ghost hunts.

Step 1: Research is Vital for Paranormal Investigations

Why do you want to become a ghostbuster and begin ghost hunting for real? Is it because you’ve heard reports of paranormal activity in your local area, or do you want to travel in search of it?

This is important because you must properly research the areas in which your investigations take place. Without the history, lore, and relevant details that surround the phenomena, you can’t hope to properly detect or capture evidence of it.

This information also guides you as you decide what ghost hunting gear is important for your mission. Some strategies may be better suited for certain spaces or activity than others, so you must identify the ideal tactics for your ghost hunt.

Step 2: Identify Ghost Hunting Tactics for Your Investigations

Believe it or not, there are many, diverse ways to approach a paranormal investigation. Are you a member of a team, or do you conduct solo ghost hunts?

Will you move about the investigation site, or should you focus your efforts in one, confined space? These decisions affect everything from lighting to the type of camera you choose.

This is also where you’ll first apply the knowledge you learned in Step 1. From your research, have you determined if reported phenomena tends to be audible, visual, or both? The answer impacts how you proceed.

Step 3: Invest in Reliable Ghostbusters Gear

Now that you have a clearer understanding of what you might encounter, it’s time for you to equip yourself. With the strategies and tactics you outlined in Step 2, you can determine the type of ghost hunting devices that you need.

If you expect visible phenomena, then you’ll certainly want a camera. However, your specific investigation may require a camera with exceptional portability, or the ability to capture in low-light conditions.

The same is true for audible activity. You must determine if you want to stay silent while recording ambient sound, or ask questions to entice potential electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

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Step 4: Form a Team & Record Your Findings!

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Once you’re ready to explore, get your team of ghostbusters together, and go collect data! Don’t forget to check local laws to ensure that your paranormal investigations don’t disturb others. Always get permission.

Seek out teammates that compliment your skill set. For instance, if you’re more of an audiophile, you may want someone who is more interested in video or energy research.

If you’re more of the metaphysical type, you may want to compliment that skill with a techie. Find those who have as much passion for the field as you do, and that can compliment the team goal.

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