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Red Light for Cams Without Night Vision

Don't have a full spectrum or night vision camcorder, but need more light? This light produces enough visible light to help most cameras without night vision capability get a great picture while maintaining low light. Even if your camera does have night vision or it is full spectrum, this is still a great option to give it a boost. The purpose of the red is to give enough light for a good picture while still maintaining a low light environment. Red is far easier on the eyes making this a much better option than using bright white lights so you're not blinding fellow investigators. They'll thank you for that!

Though one of the most compact lights we've seen, it uses just 4 LED lights to pack a surprising punch. In includes a dual purpose shoe mount with female tripod mount on the bottom for mounting.

This light utilizes the Creepy Hollow mounting system designed and manufactured right here at GhostStop. It was developed to allow for quickly and easily attaching camera accessories to either a hot shoe or tripod mount with a strong grip.

made by ghoststopMADE IN THE USA from domestic and imported material.
This product is made right here at GhostStop.

We recommend the accessory bracket as seen to the right for easier portability and mounting of this light to your camcorder or camera.

**Note** The LED lights on this unit are red only (not infrared). These lights will illuminate the room slightly in a dull red. Distance varies by camera and settings. If you are looking for an infrared (IR) of full spectrum light, see our other lights.

Over 60 foot distance (depending on camera specs) Long lasting - over 10 hours on a single battery Hotshoe and Tripod mountable 4 red LEDs Exposed rear battery compartment for quick and easy battery swaps
  • ~30 degree viewing angle
  • Requires 1x 9v battery (not included)
  • Weight: 2oz (no battery)
  • Size: h 3.25" x w 1.75" x d 2"


1. Plug a 9 volt battery into the back of the light using the lower clip to hold it in place
2. Turn the light on and shine in the same direction that the camera is facing.

NOTE: Do not use rechargeable or Lithium batteries with this device. These batteries have some built in voltage regulation which may cause flashlight effects dim light. This is not a malfunction of the light but a function of a draining battery trying to keep up with the light.

3 Reviews

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    Red Light

    Posted by Cheryl on Mar 14th 2022

    This is a fantastic light and don't let its small size fool you. It packs a powerful punch. Even in a larger room, it gives off a lot of red light. This is perfect for not only my investigations, but I do a lot of paranormal experimentation and it does a great job. I highly recommend!

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    Great Light For The Eye, Okay For A Normal Camera

    Posted by Brian on Oct 2nd 2015

    I'm just starting to get into ghost hunts so I'm trying to use what I have at first. My ordinary digital camera doesn't have any IR/low-light ability so I've had to use the flash or a flashlight to get any pictures. Problematic at best! I bought this and the mounting bracket and tested it at my home. The 4 LEDs put out a ton of light. I could see everything in my living room, down the hall, the bathroom, and my well shaded patio outside. As a flashlight, this is great! Mounted to my camera I took far better pics inside than outside. Inside I get pretty good pics within 20 feet or so. Outside I had ok pics in a 5-7 feet range. I'm curious what a second red light would do. A must buy IMO if using a regular camera. [EDIT] Bought a 2nd light. Using both they light up a room like a red sun. If mounting two on a camera I recommend a bracket that puts the lights on separate sides of your camera to distribute the light evenly, or put the 2nd on a stationary tripod.

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    Great light!

    Posted by Greg Jones on Sep 19th 2014

    I had my doubts when I first opened up the package and saw how small the light is (the entire light is about 3 1/2" by 2"). When I turned it on I was amazed. My camera doesn't have night vision and this small but powerful light allowed me to cover an entire 100 seat lecture hall no problem. Buy this light!