Ghost Box Faraday Cage Pouch

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Ghost Box Faraday Cage Pouch

Shields out Radio Broadcast Voices and Music During Your Ghost Box Sessions

This flexible pouch is specifically to shield your SBox, SB7, SB11 or RT-EVP spirit box from receiving interference from AM/FM music and talk radio signals. By positioning the ghost box at different locations within the faraday cage pouch, you can block all or portions of strong AM/FM channels. The faraday pouch is big enough to hold your SBox, SB7 or RT-EVP and small speaker.

This accessory is perfect for the serious spirit box user because it will allow you to experiment by attenuating and "tweaking" the radio frequency reception during their sessions. All spirit box buttons and functions can be accessed through the wire interlaced material.

Size: 5.5" x 7" (perfect for an SBox, SB7 or SB11)

NOTE: This listing is for the faraday pouch only. Spirit boxes or other products shown in photos are sold separately.


The Faraday Cage Pouch is used to block organized radio signals for spirit boxes such as the SBox and PSB-7/11. Once the device is on, setup and scanning, place it inside the Faraday Cage Pouch and fold over the end to block as much radio signal as possible.


Faraday Cage Pouch

6 Reviews

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    Faraday Cage Pouch

    Posted by Rich F. on Feb 18th 2024

    This product works extremely well. I don't run a spirit box without it!

  • 5
    Is great

    Posted by Rev Charles Margarido on Nov 23rd 2022

    I have one of these, have found it works great, at home I am close to an FM station, these cut the signal greatly, and EVP's come through better

  • 4

    Posted by Kirsty on Jan 26th 2022

    Useful simple bag for my spirit box, love it! Wish it had somewhere to seal the bag though but overall really good

  • 5
    Faraday Cage Pouch

    Posted by Virginia Quinn on Mar 7th 2019

    Received my order today in the mail and tried it with my SBox ghost scanner and it did not disappoint! It worked as described and very excited to have it with me on my next ghost hunt adventure!

  • 5
    Faraday Cage Pouch

    Posted by Alan Berness on Apr 16th 2013

    I just received my pouch the other day. As soon as I opened the package I had to try it out. I was a bit leery as to this fabric cutting out the signals from the radio stations in our area, several are strong and loud, To my surprise I had nothing but white noise !!! This pouch is worth every penny, and you can't beat the price !!! I highly recommend this if you use a P-SB7 as much as I do !!!!

  • 5
    Very Good

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 25th 2013