Tracer 2 Light Wire

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New Model!
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Tracer 2 Light Wire

NEW Model! Visualize motion like never before.

The new Tracer 2 Light Wire is just what you need to enhance your investigations in a cool new way. This innovative device literally brings motion visualization to light - by allowing you to lay down a wire of LED rope lights and watch as it illuminates a path in front of it based on motion and distance. This is especially useful in hallways or other places where something appears to be walking along or crossing a path. It’s perfect for getting visual confirmation of paranormal activity in any space. 

  • NEW: High precision laser motion and distance sensor
  • Detachable light wire for marking movement
  • Easy to see and simple setup
  • NEW: Temperature spike detection
  • NEW: Longer single light wire (about 8.5ft long)
  • NEW: Longer rechargeable battery life

Tracer 2 motion animation

Whether you’re a professional investigator or someone passionate about exploring the supernatural, the Tracer light wire is a must-have tool that will help you with all your investigations!

Trace motion along a path.

Tracer is designed to help you visualize motion in real-time and gain insights wherever activity has happened. Literally, tracing a ghost or an object's path. Lay the wire out straight and let our motion sensor scan the path, noting distance and lighting up when it detects active motion. The LED wire will light up in white to indicate movement and subtly switch over to red for a short period after, allowing you to clearly see where the activity is coming from if you didn't catch it right away. So you don't have to stare at the device all night, this gives you time to look over and note the path it took.

Visualize temperature spikes.

The base unit also detects temperature changes. Beyond visual changes, Tracer 2 now has the added benefit of detecting ambient temperature. If it detects a cold spike, a wave of blue light will be sent down the line. Hotter spikes will show purple. 

tracer light wire demonstration photo grid

Easy to see. Simple to setup.

It's easy to put into action – just one push of a button gets you started. Setting up is simple – just place the device down on the ground and lay out the LED wire in a straight line from the sensors. Sit back and watch for activity as the rope illuminates. This amazing tool is ideal for hallways or anywhere something might be walking a path, giving you an unmistakable piece of evidence of supernatural activity. With the Tracer scanner, paranormal investigations have never been easier or more informative. And, let's be honest... just plain cool.

The alerting lights are bright and easy to spot. We use bright white light for active motion to get your attention, even if you only see it at the corner of your eye. Once the object is gone, it switches to red for a short time to mark where activity took place giving you time to note when and where it happened.

A slow pulsing blue light scans up and down the line while 'scanning'. This helps visualize where the wire is for safety in the dark and let's you know the sensors are at work looking for changes. The end of the LED strip is lit blue so you can always have your eye on where the wire leads even in total darkness (and where to avoid stepping).

Light your investigation with precision.

tracer light wire front view

This isn't your average motion sensor or EMF visualizer.

Tracer uses a high resolution infrared laser LiDAR range sensor to precisely detect abstructions. This advanced sensor allows this device to detect any activity or objects that may be directly in the path of the sensor. A simple wave of your hand or a walk along its line will trigger the lights, indicating something is present in sight.

Precision without interference.

Simply put, think of Tracer like an invisible laser trip wire indicating the precise distance something was detected.

Tracer's talent lies in seeking out true obstructions - not stray signals in the air. Since it is not influenced by EMF electromagnetic fields or radio interference from walkie talkies, you can trust Tracer Light Wire to light up only when there’s truly something within the designated path. Don't let uncertainty keep you from uncovering the truth – trust the precision of Tracer!

The sensor head emits a precision, pulsing IR laser in a tight cone looking for a receiving pulse reflected back from the target, if any. Based on the time it takes to receive the wave bouncing back, it's able to measure distance. As such, if the sensor indicates a presence you can be sure it was something along the path, likely with a mass enough to bounce the singnal back. If you catch this happening and no person or animal was there - something noteable would had to have caused it (or manipulated it).

Choose your own path. Get creative.

With many uses, we're looking forward to see how creative you get with this. Though the primary use is for both light wires to be placed straight out from the sensor for direct correlation with the sensor, you can get creative. For instance, you could wrap the rope around a trigger object and ask for an entity to "light it up" by coming near the device. Maybe try using it as a Yes/No answer device by asking an entity to move to one side for Yes and the other for No. Use one wire with the device on a chair and see if something walks up to sit down. We're excited to see what you come up with!

The core of Tracer is a device with a line-of-sight sensor. Directly infront of the sensor is an attachment for one LED wire. This wire is easily detachable for storage. Just unplug it, roll it up and pack it away for your next ghost hunt.

made by ghoststop This product is made right here at GhostStop in the USA.

*NOTE: Parts of this product are manufactured here at GhostStop by hand, laser cutting and 3D printing. Each one is made with great care by a person, not a factory. As such, each one may have unique elements in the texture that could appear to be small defects. These unique elements do not affect the function of the product. Though we do our best to keep them as uniform as possible, each one could be unique in some small way. Thanks for your understanding.

  • Precision infrared laser LiDAR distance sensor
  • 75 detection zones using precision distance detection every ~1 inch
  • Detachable 8.3' color LED light wire
  • Distance: full length 8.5 feet
  • Simple push on/off button
  • Tripod mountable to adjust for unlevel ground or high carpet
  • Rechargeable battery or plug it into power for unlimited use via USB-C cable
  • Battery life: about 8 hours at full charge depending on number of hits
  • Recharging: battery takes about 1 hour to recharge
  • Made with lightweight PLA plastic and acrylic
  • Size: Core device is 3.75"l x 3.3"w x 1.5"h and wire is 8.3' long





Tracer base unit
Tracer light wire
USB cable (USB C)

Quick Start Guide

Plug in the LED wire using the connector side to the appropriate harness on the base sensor unit.

Place the unit on the ground in an area you wish to capture motion. For best use, place the wire in a straight line directly out from the core unit. Since the sensor detects in a straight line, this is the best way to visualize activity in a direct line correlating with the sensor. However, you can get creative with it if you like by wrapping the LED wire around something. Just know that the sensor is only detecting in a straight line from the base.

Turn the device on by pushing the ON button located on the base unit next to the sensor. You will see the LED wire light up and run through an animation. This indicates it is now 'scanning' for changes. It is ready to go.

TRON Scanner directions illustration


Display & Lights

In a normal state, while Tracer is looking for motion you will see a small single blue light 'scanning' from one end of the wire to the other and one small blue light at the end of the light wire. This pulsing animation is to help visualize where the wire is at all times for safety and visually indicate it is working to read changes.

Live readings are represented along the LED wire in WHITE as it happens. The white is helpful in catching your attention in a dark room. Move your hand or walk along the path to see how it works.

As soon as the object moves from the path, the 'zone' that saw something will turn red to mark this spot for a few seconds. This is helpful in case you were not staring at the meter at the time of the occurance.

TRON Scanner illustration animation

Proper Placement for Best Results

As illustrated in the drawing above, each sensor seeks out interruptions in a 'cone of influence.' As such, the surface it sits on should be flat and non reflective. Make sure the base unit sits upright.

Hard, flat surfaces are recommended since the sensor is seeing in a straight line. However, if you are seeing the light wire illuminate constantly in the same area, it could be because the non-flat surface is slightly in the way. Maybe the floor is wonky or rug threads are high? To alleviate this, just raise the base unit up off the ground a few inches. You can mount it on a small tripod using the build-in tripod mount on the bottom. Or maybe place a book under the unit to get it up off the ground slightly. This will help reduce or illuminate issues from reflection on the ground.

This also goes for objects along the path or at the end of the light wire. Ensure there are no objects along the way, especially those with reflective surfaces like mirrors and glass.

Temperature Detection

Ambient temperature detection is located in the base unit. So, any changes seen on the strip are an indication that temperature changed at the BASE unit, not from distance.

When a temperature spike is detected, a wave of color light will emit from the base unit to the end of the wire. A temperature change requires 2 degrees of change, hotter or colder than the last reading.

  • BLUE wave of light = 2 degrees COLDER
  • PURPLE wave of light = 2 degrees HOTTER

Replacement Light Wire

We have replacement light wires for Tracer if you need a replacement or an additional light wire for backup.

Directions for Charging

  • Using the USB cable provided, plug it into any standard USB power source. For plugging into a standard wall AC outlet you will need a common AC/USB adapter (not included).
    • Red light on the bottom = Charging
    • Blue light on the bottom = Fully Charged
  • A fully-charged battery will last around 8 hours under normal conditions.
    • NOTE: Power consumption is highly dependant on how often the sensor and lights are triggered. If it is triggering constantly, the battery life will be less.
  • Charging takes about 1 hour.
  • For UNLIMITED USE, this device can be used while it's charging via wall outlet or USB battery pack. A USB battery pack is handy so you can use the device and continue charging all while being completely mobile.


Make sure to take care of the sensor area. These sensors are highly sensitive and should be protected from debris, damage, moisture and extreme temperatures. We advise to protect the unit in a foam case especially due to the sensors when traveling.

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Tracer 2 Light Wire

    Posted by Ralph on Jul 9th 2024

    Well constructed. Worked all night in our investigation. We got a fair amount of activity on it as well.

  • 5
    Tracer 2

    Posted by John Cooper on Jul 1st 2024

    This new tracer is awesome.

  • 5

    Posted by Lisa Sproat on Sep 26th 2023

    This item arrived to the UK within the time frame. It has had some use with by myself and TV ‘s Ryan O’Neill (spooked/haunted scotland) with some good results. Looking forward to seeing this in action over coming events and possibly future shows ?? many thanks Ghoststop, i will be ordering again.

  • 5
    Tracer Light

    Posted by Denice DeCamp on Apr 25th 2023

    I love the tracer light wire. I was surprised at how well it works.

  • 5
    Love the Tracer Light Wire

    Posted by Tracy on Apr 23rd 2023

    I used this for the first time last weekend and it worked great. One strip of lighting was great but I should've gotten 2. It's light weight and so easy to set up. I am so glad I did get it and would definitely recommend it to anyone!!

  • 5
    Works great!

    Posted by Heather Wyatt on Apr 20th 2023

    Seen someone use it online and had to have one I’ve only been able to use it once very briefly but worked great. Very sensitive

  • 5
    Love it!!

    Posted by Jenny Hand on Apr 14th 2023

    Easy setup and super cool to see when it is used.

  • 4
    TRACER Test

    Posted by Jeremy Wilson on Mar 28th 2023

    I bought GhostStops "Tracer" the day it was released. It arrived very fast and I have been relentlessly testing it since Saturday March 25th. Overall, I am happy with it. The only issue I have had is the internal battery only last a little over one hour. I did connect it to a GhostStop external battery and it then lasted a very long time. The Tracer is overall a very well made and solid investigative device. I definately recommend adding it to you your equipment inventory.