Spirit Box SB7

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Spirit Box SB7

NEW Model SB7 (Rev 7) is here for 2024!

The SB7T Spirit Box is a compact tool that is ideal for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise which, theories suggest, give some entities the energy they need to be heard.

When this occurs, you may hear voices or sounds coming through the static. These anomalies may be generated by spirit entities in an attempt to communicate.

Fortunately, while the SB7 may be economical, this isn’t some cheap spirit box. It’s packed with convenient features that provide exceptional benefits to the serious ghost hunter.

Benefits of the SB7T Spirit Box

The SB7 boasts sweep modes for both the FM and AM radio bands. However, to prevent overwhelming the user, it focuses on a set of frequency ranges within which experienced paranormal investigators have found the best results.

With balanced frequency power, amplification, and noise reduction you can expect cleaner results and greater clarity while sweeping. This maximizes your potential to catch disturbances, understand the communication, and effectively steer the course of your investigation.

Features of the Spirit Box SB7

The unit utilizes a milli-second adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency “sweep” technique. This is coupled with a proprietary high frequency synthetic noise or “white noise” distributed between frequency steps.

There are two discrete audio outputs:

  • Internal Speaker
  • Earphones or External Speaker

It also features an LED backlit display with manual ON/OFF select, making it ideal for viewing in the dark without compromising your low-light vision. For louder audio, an external speaker is recommended to improve your ability to detect even the softest disturbances.

What’s New with the SB7-Rev 7?

Several features were added or improved in the recent revisions of our popular Spirit Box, including:

  • Faster 50ms (20 freq/sec) added to the adjustable Forward or Reverse frequency "sweep" speeds
  • 50kHz Frequency "Flutter" technique distributed between the frequency steps.
  • Note from the creator: "After considerable research, it has been determined that Spirits have the ability of manipulating and distorting the weaker leading and trailing edges of the predominant radio stations. The 50kHz frequency flutter inserted between these 'hot spots' enables a larger area for Spirit to respond which results in a more enhanced, and longer Spirit response."

Recommended Spirit Box Accessories for the SB7

ANC Noise Control

To protect your session from potential interference, this Faraday Cage Pouch is the perfect solution. Lightweight and easy to carry, it blocks out electromagnetic fields to maximize the accuracy of your meter’s readings.

Ghost Box Faraday Cage Pouch

The ANC-Mini is an Adjustable Noise Control for spirit boxes used to clean up and amplify all of your ghost box sessions.

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Communicate Clearly with the SB7T Spirit Box

Experienced ghost hunters understand that, more often than not, your paranormal investigations are only as effective as your equipment. When you have several different data sets to keep an eye — or ear — on, you can’t afford to lose time and resources to unreliable equipment.

Fortunately, at GhostStop, ghost hunting is a passion, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned over decades of experience. For more information on the Spirit Box SB7, reach out to our team today.

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • FM scan range: 88.0 - 108.0
  • Selectable AM/FM Forward and Reverse
  • Sweep Rates (same for AM and FM): 100ms, 150ms, 200ms, 250ms, 300ms, 350ms
  • ATDD: +/- 5 Degree Hot and Cold Spot Detection with Audible & Visual Indication
  • 250mW Speaker Output
  • 15mW Earphone Output
  • Mini Built-in Flashlight
  • Red Backlight LCD with Manual ON/OFF Control


  1. Press the Power button for 2 seconds to turn on the PSB-7
  2. Select the band by pressing the AM/FM button
  3. Select the sweep rate by pressing the "Sweep Rate" button to cycle through the rates (Rates displayed at the top of the LCD Screen)
  4. Select the sweep direction and start the sweep function by pressing the "Sweep fwd" or Sweep Rev" button for 3 seconds


  • SB7 Spirit Box
  • Manual

69 Reviews

  • 5
    Spirit Box SB7

    Posted by Joakim Andre Størseth on Apr 19th 2017

    Awesome! Spirit Box SB7 is a effective device to communicate with spirits and get great results!

  • 5

    Posted by Scott V on Jan 27th 2017

    Hello Scott again from Spirit veil Southwest- So glad I got the SB-7 for a x-mass gift !! The FREE speaker was a welcomed bonus .I also bought TWO of the plug in external speakers to go with both this and my SB-11 .The external speakers really do boost the things coming from the boxes and help .Thanks Ghost Stop !

  • 5
    SB7 Spirit Box

    Posted by Sandra Ryan on Feb 6th 2016

    I wasn't sure about spending more money on the top of the line spirit box. The people at Ghost Stop spent time chatting with me on the phone and were so helpful! I ended up buying the SB7 to be sure I wanted to use one (there really was no question though!) and I am not very technologically savvy. This let me start with a very easy to operate/adjust piece of equipment that I highly recommend! It's been a very successful tool in my box. Thank you Ghost Stop!!

  • 5
    Daniel of Bessemer Hill Side Paranormal

    Posted by Daniel Greer on Dec 23rd 2015

    I own a P-SB7 the old one.. I do like the way this one is modified too tone down the loudness nice and clear for me I've already got a great response from it and i just got it So if you don't own one yet if your thinking of buying one its well worth the purchase

  • 5
    Scott - CR Paranormal Investigations, Iowa

    Posted by Scott - CR Paranormal Investigations, Iowa on Dec 3rd 2015

    The SB7 spirit box is absolutely legit as a paranormal communication tool. I've received countless great responses in personal and investigation sessions. I've had good success either with or without the Faraday pouch. Often they speak clearly in the background white noise!!

  • 5
    Glad it now comes with a speaker

    Posted by Anastasia on Nov 30th 2015

    I purchased this ghost box when it was newly for sale, and a speaker was highly recommended, though not for sale here. I'm very pleased to see such a fine product now has the vital speaker product included. I do wish this particular speaker pictured would be made available on this site. (Yes, I still need one.)

  • 5

    Posted by Justin Jankowski on Nov 6th 2015

    At first like many I was skeptical, but after a few uses I started to get direct responses to all the questions that i was asking the spirit box. I was given names and answers as if the spirit was in my room, its fantastic! I would definitely recommend this to those that want to dabble onto the other side. Its a great beginner device too.

  • 5

    Posted by Debra Roor on Nov 30th 2014

    I purchased this item about a year and a half ago for ghost hunting. It has become one of the most important tools I own when it comes to spirit hunting. It seems to make it easier for them to use to communicate. I have had a lot of activity with this. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking to seriously research the paranormal

  • 5
    The BEST EVP communication device!

    Posted by Rudy Ulloa on Nov 6th 2014

    I bought a P-SB7 a few months ago, and I must say I have become a faithful listener to the spirits through electronic devices. I use digital recorders, and now the P-SB7. I bought a Faraday pouch because I live in a major city, so I wanted to silence the radio stations. However, after a while I decided to NOT use it because if the vocal transmissions are being used in order to communicate with us, then why would I want to filter out their only way of talking with us? I would be hindering the means in which they speak! Some others may feel different, but it is something to consider! You WILL know what is radio and what is spirit. Buy the P-SB7 today and see for yourself. This is serious stuff.

  • 5
    Great Unit

    Posted by David Williams on Nov 2nd 2014

    I use this with an external speaker system and plug in a digital recorder for recording. Great for analyzation and hearing in real time. Great unit.

  • 3
    Great but a couple questions

    Posted by Brian on Jul 23rd 2014

    I found this to be great, but does anyone have any advice on to get to less of the music radio stations to come in? It can make it difficult to depict which is which

  • 5

    Posted by Katie Pemberton on Jun 10th 2014

    First id like to add this is my favorite site to purchase equipment because of the unique and large selection of items and very reasonable prices......Second, This is one of my favorite tools to use on an investigation now. Worth every penny. I would suggest buying a speaker to attach so you can hear even the faintest responses. I am amazed at the intelligent responses we have been getting in our investigations Every single time we use it...

  • 5
    First time use, great results!

    Posted by Brandon Gullen on May 6th 2014

    Just got this unit in the mail today while I was at work. My wife and I tried our first session around midnight. We began with the opening request for protection that is conveniently provided with the instructions. We got answers to various questions ranging from names and how long each spirit has been here to specific questions like our names, our children's names, and even what kind of plant we were growing in the room. At one point, I even asked if any of the spirits present met my mother, and I told them her name, if they could tell her she is missed and loved, and to our surprise, clearly as day we were greeted with the response "Of course". Thanks a lot for this device, it is incredible.

  • 5
    Amazing results-even to my skeptic husband

    Posted by Suzanne McKinney on Dec 30th 2013

    I live in an area surrounded by mountains where I don't pick-up but one or two static radio stations, I wasn't sure how it would work here, let me tell you I am so pleased with what I have been receiving! I have a lot of relatives and friends who have passed at a young age and they have been coming through using their names and always saying my name to validate. They give me messages to pass onto a loved one who is struggling with their death and it helps them tremendously. My husband can't even deny what I have been receiving and he is my biggest skeptic. I noticed the more I use the device the stronger these spirits are at coming through. A huge thank you to who ever developed this device.

  • 5
    Nice piece of equip. for the $$

    Posted by Taylor Laurent on Aug 26th 2013

    I highly recommend this box for the beginner-to-intermediate investigator. It's very easy to use and I've had numerous experiences with it already after owning it for a only month and a half. The only negative is it's great ability to pick up radio stations VERY easily, which in turn can potentially cause you to make false positives. I suggest spending the extra $15.90 on the Faraday Cage Pouch. Personally, It's yielding some terrific results. I give it a 9.3/10

  • 5
    Spirit Box SB7

    Posted by Michael Overcash on Jun 12th 2013

    This is an awesome piece of equipment - even though its my first one i have to say it is everything i thought it would be .. I look forward to be being a long time Ghost Stop shopper ...

  • 5
    Worked the first time

    Posted by Geoffrey Anderson on Mar 18th 2013

    My first session I started hearing names and answers to my questions within 2 min. I don't know if being born kind of sensitive helped but this things works. Even though on FM it can sweep 100ms, 150 to 200ms is easier for them. Slower and you start getting bleed over from channels. My second session I was hearing some voices clear as day, even one laughed; so I know one of them enjoyed the conversation. I asked if they could hear our thoughts and they said yes. So if you have a critical mind, you may not get the reaction you want. So keep calm and non judgmental, literately!

  • 5
    5 stars

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 13th 2012

    I just recieve this product as a international order to the last country at the south pole...Thank you very much GhostStop. This product its simply amazing. I'm just starting to do investigations. First I was recording directly voices and with this device as soon i opened and powered on...i start to receive voices, hellos...and even a thank you for buying this device..really recommended if you are like me starting on this. Merry xmas to all and happy hunting. PS: thanks for the FREE flashlight I'm adding it on my night investigations.

  • 5

    Posted by Harold Murphy on Dec 7th 2012

    i purchased 2 of these and i found that removing the antena produces a much clearer session, a whole lot less un-wanted noise while sweeping Fm band and still good white moise level.thanks

  • 5
    New Version

    Posted by Gribble House Paranormal Experience on Dec 4th 2012

    I have purchased 5 of these. The first 3 have amplified AM/FM. The last 2 have only amplified FM. I have had remarkable success with the later version on AM in reverse at 250 sweep rate. I connect to the Altec Lansing Speaker. Because these newer units do not amplify AM we do not get any white noise feedback. When a spirit decides to chat we get just the spirit coming through. Amazing! This has become a gamechanger for our operation.

  • 4
    The Spirit Box B-PSB7

    Posted by Jerry Paronto on Nov 7th 2012

    Has brought my quality and quantity of EVP's during investigations to a whole new level.I find the maximum sweep setting,in reverse mode yields the best results.Would also suggest NOT extending the external antena as you can tend to pick up bits of radio noise(not the desired white noise).Just an observation but it seems spirits are drawn to this device.I actually got an EVP of two spirits communicating with one another about the device and in an attempt to turn it off knocked over my min-camcorder which was right next to the SpiritBox.I would like to give the B-PSB7 4.5 stars,not 5 due to it does tend to pick up bits of radio voices at lower sweep rates.That certainly doesnt detract from the fact that this is one heck of a device and I wouldnt do an investigation without it.

  • 5
    Unconventional use, AWESOME response

    Posted by jonathan thibodeaux on Nov 7th 2012

    So on a recent investigation with my paranormal group, we wanted to try a new method. During my first investigation we used 1 spirit box and received a response of "HEY". Well, we went back and did another investigation and this time we did a DUAL spirit box session. Practically ON COMMAND, we got a direct response to our question asked. If you want to listen to it here is the file on soundcloud.

  • 5
    I think it's worth it

    Posted by Mat on Nov 7th 2012

    I don't reallly care what everyone says, this thing has produced more evidence to me than anything else I have. I have a bunch of videos on youtube of relevant, clear, conversations with the spirits in my home. I love this thing and, to me, it makes the paranormal that much more interesting to me.

  • 4
    step up you're game with this!

    Posted by jay pendley on Apr 5th 2012

    first off let me say there are skeptics everywhere and, they will eat you up over this device! yes you pick up radio noise. the fact is after you spend some time with this you learn what is radio noise and what is abnormal sound! i recommend the highest sweep rate! some stations have a stronger signal and can carry over 3 or4 decimals!(this is still not enough to get a solid word)! you may also find 3 stations back to back that form a word( you will notice the change in voice and pitch over each syllable) now when you catch something good its eerie! its one solid voice over 4 to 5 decimals! a piece of advice: time how long it takes your sweep to completely go through the cycle of stations! then if you notice your getting a small or consistent voice over and over but its occurring at the same interval as the cycle, you can bet that its just radio noise every time it gets back around to a certain station! over all get this device you will be amazed at what you will capture!