Spike EMF Energy Sensor

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SPIKE EMF Energy Sensor

See energy spikes as they happen.

Deploy this palm-sized, compact sensor to visualize when EMF spikes happen during paranormal investigations. This natural energy sensor pod utilizes a sensitive on-board magnetometer to detect spikes and alerts you with lights and sound. The lighted ring will illuminate from dim to bright in correlation to strength. It then marks these spikes with an indicator for documenting. It's simple to use, easy to see and lasts a long time.

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  • Built in sensor for energy detection
  • Color light display to indicate strength
  • Sound alert
  • Spike detection and marking feature
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery

Live energy readings with lights and sound

The top side of this investigation tool features a lighted ring for live readings. As energy changes, the display will light up the ring from one side to the other to indicate strength. A weaker spike may only light up minimally while a stronger spike could light up the entire ring.

Higher readings will also trigger a beeping tone. This tone will change pitch to indicate strength in case you weren't looking directly at the device. A higher pitch indicates greater strength.

Ask questions and see what response you get.

Just call me 'Spike'.

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The SPIKE line of compact ghost hunting modules

This product is just one in the SPIKE collection of ghost hunting devices. Made for ease and compactness, SPIKE pods are made to be small and effective tools you can drop around your investigation area quickly and easily. Just flick them on, drop them down and get to work.

Current Line of SPIKE Sensors (and growing)

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Sensitivity control

You can adjust the sensitivity of the magnetometer to suit your needs. Whether you are in an environment with lots of ambient energy like an operational office or a building with no power, this unit can handle it. On the bottom of the device is a control knob. Just turn it up or down to set it where you're picking up small fluctuations and you'll be ready to investigate.

Mark spikes for documenting

There's more to this device then just lighting up to indicate live spikes. Most meters on the market only show live readings. If you missed it, it's gone. That's what seperates this one apart.

Spike will actually mark the high end of a reading and hold it for a moment while continuing to show LIVE readings. This will be displayed as different color lights giving you a chance to look over and document in case you did not catch it in real time. The color 'marker' will be range of colors from green to red with red being the highest.

How do we do this? When a spike is detected, the sensor will mark the highest point of the scale and keep that color lit on the ring. It will hold this light for about 5 seconds giving you a moment to glance over and see what happened. This is helpful in the event you were elsewhere in the room and saw it trigger but didn't quite catch what the high point was. By marking this point on the display you have a chance to come over and note the position/color for documentation as potential evidence.

Compact, lightweight and functional design

At just 2 inches in diameter, you can pop this in your pocket. The enclosure, featuring a rugged ribbing for a firm grip, is built with lightweight material for ease of transport. The design is built with function in mind to ensure high visibility and sensivity.

made by ghoststop MADE IN THE USA from domestic and imported material.
This product is made right here at GhostStop.

  • LED lighted ring on the top to 'graph' the energy spikes with a white color for live readings and a color range for spike 'markers' (green = low, red = high)
  • Built in magnetometer for natural energy 'magnetic' spikes
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Rechargeable via USB cable (USB-C)
  • Power LED
  • Charging indicator LED
  • Size: 2.5"diameter x 2"h
  • EMF sensor is 'natural' magnetic only (to fortify from most man-made interference like phones and walkies). Magnetic flux density sensing up to ±160 mT.

Directions & Contents


Spike EMF Energy Sensor
USB cable (USB C)

Quick Start Directions

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Turn the device on using the turning knob located on the bottom of the device. Turn the knob clockwise to click it on. When powered up, the lights will run a quick test and you'll hear a short tone sequence while booting up (just a few seconds).

Set the Spike Sensor in an area you wish to capture changes. Adjust the sensivity using the same power knob on the bottom. Leftmost (down position right after it clicks on) is the lowest sensivity. Turn clockwise until it reaches the far right for the highest sensivity.

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We suggest starting the sensivity low to start with. Set it down, and see how the display reacts. Adjust it up until you reach a point where the display is dark when the ambient environment is quiet. Adjust it a few times to get it where you want it then you're good to go. Keep notice of electronic devices around like fans, air conditioners and appliances that may set it off. They're not a problem, you just might have to adjust to a higher baseline.

For best results, make sure the display is infront of a running video camera that can see the display and/or place an EVP recorder next to the Spike Sensor to record any correlating evidence.

Spike Marker

The Spike Sensor focuses on a feature helpful in noting spikes. When a spike occurs, this device will note the highest point on the ring that it reached and hold that position and color for about 5 seconds. This is helpful in the event you were not directly looking at the device at the exact time of the occurance. This gives you a moment to look over, check the marker position and color and log this as evidence.

Directions for Charging

  • Using the USB cable provided, plug it into any standard USB power source. For plugging into a standard wall AC outlet you will need a common AC/USB adapter (not included).
    • Red light on the bottom = Charging
    • Blue light on the bottom = Fully Charged
  • A fully-charged battery will last just over 7 hours under normal conditions.
    • NOTE: Power consuption is highly dependant on how often the sensor and lights are triggered. If it is triggering constantly, the battery life is closer to 4 hours. With that, we recommend making sure to set the sensitivity to a good point where it's only going off for actual audio spikes and constant ambient sound (like fans and cars outside) will not set off the device. With this, you'll get 7+ hours of continuous use.
  • Charging takes about 1 hour.
  • For UNLIMITED USE, this device can be used while it's charging via wall outlet or USB battery pack. A USB battery pack is handy so you can use the device and continue charging all while being completely mobile.

2 Reviews

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    Awesome results

    Posted by Karen on Apr 24th 2023

    Interesting spikes in response to questions that definitely made sense! Holds charge for a very long time.

  • 5
    Awesome small sensor

    Posted by Noah Yamashita on Feb 11th 2023

    I bought this and it arrived just on the investigation night, so I got to try it right away. I've received some interesting results with this SPIKE EMF. If you want to leave an EMF in the room for a while, SPIKE EMF would be better than the K2 one because it's 360 (I think) and the lights are brighter. It's an amazing tool that can fit in your pocket. The build feels solid. Might will buy another one!