The Best Ghost Hunting Equipment for Kids

The Best Ghost Hunting Equipment for Kids

Posted by GhostStop on Nov 16th 2021

Kids love the paranormal. They're fascinated with the unknown, like ghosts and haunted houses, and some kids may even want to grow up to become ghost hunters themselves!

If you have a little one who loves all things spooky, then we’re here to help you locate the best pieces of kids’ ghost hunting equipment on the market. These kits will motivate your child to feel like they can find out what's lurking in their own backyard.

Ghost hunting for kids is a great hobby to share, but it's important to equip them with the right tools. If you’re looking for what to buy for your little paranormal investigator, check out these five items that will make any kid feel like they're on an episode of Ghost Adventures!

The Best Ghost Hunting Kits for Kids

There are many different types of gear that are ideal for kids to use when on a paranormal investigation. However, there are also a few, key pieces of equipment that any child should have in order to properly participate in the activity.

Kids’ Ghost Hunting Equipment for Beginners

If you’re looking for the best ghost hunting kit for kids, then it makes sense that we start off with a Beginner's Ghost Hunting Kit. It features three pieces of ghost hunting tech that serve vital functions on any investigation: a Rook EMF meter to measure electromagnetic frequencies, an EVP wrist recorder to capture electronic voice phenomena, and a trusty flashlight to illuminate your path.

Better still, the EVP wrist recorder is very similar to a smart watch! Not only does this make it a convenient, unobtrusive tool, but kids will love how they look when they use their ghost hunting smart watch.


ghost hunting kit for kids

Truthfully, and while subtle, there happens to be a minor distinction between beginners and learners. While both may be starting out, beginners may simply be gauging their passion and/or interest in the paranormal, whereas learners are typically more interested in growing as ghost hunters.

For them, we recommend this Ghost Hunting Learner's Kit. It also features the popular EVP wrist recorder and the reliable flashlight from the beginner’s kit. However, it happens to boast a couple extra goodies to inspire and prepare your little ghost-hunter-in-training.

The Ghost K2 EMF meter is vibrant, easy to understand, and simple to use - all things that kids tend to love. Furthermore, they receive a book to guide them in hunting ghosts, and a hard gear case to carry their new equipment.

Ghost Hunting Equipment for Kids Who Love Stuffed Animals

boobuddy ghost hunting kit for kids

Finally, there are kids who are interested in starting a new hobby, but are still children at heart. Alternatively, there are parents and family members who are hunting for paranormal investigation equipment for kids because they want to inspire a passion for the supernatural.

In these cases, we’d recommend tools like this BooBuddy Interactive Ghost Hunting Doll. This striking bear is a great stuffed animal companion that happens to also moonlight as an EMF boo bear!

The bear detects environmental changes, such as EMF and temperature, and responds to questions in a cute, friendly voice. Like BooBuddy’s own kid BooBuddy Jr. Trigger Bear (who hasn’t grown a voice yet), this smaller EMF boo bear is the ideal choice for introducing young children to the wonders of the paranormal.

Equip Your Kids with Trusted Ghost Hunting Kits at GhostStop

Every parent, grandparent, cool aunt, and fun uncle knows what it’s like to nurture a new interest in an excited and curious child. Ghost hunting provides fertile ground for you to find a new shared passion with the kid in your life.

However, you have to ensure that you --- and they --- are properly prepared. If you want more ideas for how to equip your child for ghost hunting, reach out to our team today.