Light Trigger Motion Trip Sensor

Light Trigger Motion Trip Sensor

Posted by GhostStop on Sep 24th 2021

Introducing the new Light Tigger, by GhostStop. This new device, primarily intended for paranormal investigations, acts much like a laser trip wire to detect movement on location. You simply place a light source on one end of the room, like a laser or flashlight, then set the Light Trigger on the other end to make a connection. If anything passes within that line created by the laser, the sensor will alert you to this ‘tripping’.

Ghost Hunting Motion Sensor

The purpose of this new product is to detect movement when no one is around and document it. Ideally, you’ll want to set this up in an area that may have claims of paranormal activity such as a shadow person, moving objects or footsteps. If the unit alerts you to an event and you’re sure no one was around, what was it? As with all things, the more information you can gather, the better. In that respect it would be prudent to have a camera on this device to ensure there wasn’t a natural cause of the alert like a fellow team member or a pet. If you’re sure a person wasn’t the cause of the trip, you could be dealing with something else - a ghost, perhaps?

light trigger trip wire device

Use it With a Laser Grid

This device is the perfect counterpart for a laser grid when mapping a room for visual anomalies. A common practice for paranormal investigations is to utilize a laser grid to map a room during low light investigations. The team will setup the grid, like the Laser Grid GS1, to project on a wall or area where visual activity of ghosts have been reported. The primary purpose for this is to help visualize this activity as the laser will bend, warp or disappear when something passes into the area. A newer model, called the GS2 Laser Grid, also uses additional sensors to determine additional properties of this entity including its distance, speed, direction, shape and even temperature. The Light Trigger is an additional tool you can add to this arsenal to confirm tripping from the other end of the projection.

Perfect for the Flashlight Experiment

This was also built as a companion to a flashlight when conducting the ‘flashlight experiment’ during a paranormal investigation. This practice involves utilizing a flashlight to promote communication by asking questions in hopes of a response from the flashlight turning on or off upon request or as an answer to a question. With the right kind of flashlight that has a twist end and spring on the battery connection, you can adjust it to the point where it takes little movement or pressure to turn the flashlight on or off. The investigator will then begin a series of questions looking for a response from the flashlight as it ignites or dissipates as a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response. An investigator might ask, “If you’re here with us, turn the flashlight on” or, “Please turn the light on for the number of you here with us.”

While a skeptic might argue that much of this has to do with temperature fluctuations (and this is true), what you’re looking for is direct responses in context of the conversation - appropriate answers in a timely manner. On that argument, core theories within the field of paranormal research suggest that a ghost or entity may has the ability to change temperature in the room. As such, this would provide them the ability to manipulate the flashlight as well. Where the Light Trigger comes in is to alert you to these light fluctuations without you having to sit there for hours staring into a blinding flashlight. This device can do that for you and save you to work on other experiments until alerted.


light trigger trip wire deviceThe GhostStop Light trigger has many features appropriate for both of these research practices in an effort to make our investigations easier and document the occurences for us.

  • Detects changes in light when combined with a laser or flashlight
  • Alerts with an indicator light and sound when tripped
  • Counts and displays number of Events recorded
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Tripod mountable
  • Rechargeable and plug-in for unlimited use

Saves Time During a Ghost Hunt

The primary goal of the Light Trigger is to determine an event without us having to be tied down all night staring at a light waiting, as patient as we may be. You’ve got better things to do, right? This tool will alert you with a small LED on top of the device for a visual queue. The LED on the top will stay lit for about 1 minute as an indication that an event happened recently. This remains lit purposefully in case you were not immediately available at the time. If you were in another room and hear the alert, this gives you time to get back into the activity, see the lit LED and check the display. Now it’s time to start up some communication.

It will also make a small audible buzz in case you were not looking directly at it. This serves as a helpful alert if you are looking elsewhere or investigating in another room nearby. However, while this tone is intended to be loud enough for you to hear nearby, we didn’t want it to be too loud so as to not overstep on any potential EVP audio if you have an EVP recorder setup in the room. Helpful tip: you should. We find that many times during investigations, when one activity is happening, there are other things happening at the same time. We’re looking for this correlation. Since our goal is to capture as much evidence as possible during this time, we do not want the Light Trigger to ‘BEEP’ over any audio evidence.

Documenting your Paranormal Investigation

Being a huge proponent of documentation during investigations, we built this with the key ingredient being event logging. It’s one thing to be alerted to something as it happens. But unless you’re sitting there jotting down notes each time it happens, you won’t really know how many times it went off. Let’s say you’ve set it up in an empty room and went to investigate elsewhere. The Light Trigger will calculate each trip as an ‘Event’ and display that total on the screen for you. You don’t have to note each one. You don’t have to even be in the room and you don’t have to pull up the camera feed to sit there and count. This device does it for you.

There is a display on the top that indicates the total number of events since the device was turned on. So, if you leave the device in an empty room at ‘0 Events’ and come back an hour later to a screen that says ‘5 Events’ you can be sure something was there.

Other Help Features

This ghost hunting sensor has a number of other features to make our lives as paranormal investigators that much easier. It’s rechargeable via USB to help eliminate our having to carry around so many batteries anymore. You can also plug it into a wall outlet or battery pack for extended, if not unlimited use. It is built to be compact and lightweight for optimal portability. A tripod mount on the bottom allows for it to be attached, placed and pointed in any direction or situation. The sensor can also detect infrared (IR) light and ultraviolet (UV). So, if you want to use an IR light, flashlight or laser to go super covert, this will also work well.

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