BooBuddy: The Paranormal Ghost Hunting Teddy Bear

BooBuddy: The Paranormal Ghost Hunting Teddy Bear

Posted by GhostStop on Dec 20th 2021

When your investigations require you to detect even the most minute of stimuli, it’s vital you have ghost hunting equipment to back you up. The beauty of BooBuddy, a custom ghost hunting tool from GhostStop, is that it serves several distinct functions that are critical in a typical paranormal investigation.

Even better, these unique trigger objects come in many different builds to accommodate a variety of ghost hunters. Even young and aspiring paranormal investigators will come from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, meaning they have their own needs and expectations.

The versatility and utility of these devices mean that they can fit an abundance of applications. Functionality aside, how can we not add these cute faces to our team roster?

Say ‘Hi!’ to BooBuddy, the Interactive Ghost Hunting Bear

boobuddy ghost hunting bear that talks

Why can’t paranormal investigators appreciate the adorable, too? In fact, for an industry that spends a healthy amount of time flirting with the macabre, these BooBuddy Ghost Hunter Bears help lighten the mood, while still working for their spots on the crew.

As paranormal professionals, we appreciate having the opportunity to put a friendlier face on our beloved field of research. Furthermore, it’s not simply the supernatural that is softened by their inclusion.

Data can reduce our research to unfeeling numbers, but conversational equipment like BooBuddy can remind us of the human element involved in our quests. Trigger objects are vital, and BooBuddy’s primary goal is to promote a positive response.

Fun and Friendly Trigger Objects for Ghost Hunting

boobuddy talking ghost hunting bear

Ghost hunting trigger objects respond to various stimuli in the environment, then provide a stimulus for the investigator in the form of lights or sounds. The BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Doll detects changes in ambient temperature, movement, vibration, and even electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), and then communicates in an inviting voice.

For instance, if the temperature decreases, BooBuddy might say “Brrr, it’s cold in here.” If the bear is touched, “<giggle> That tickles.” In addition to environmental responses, the paranormal research bear will also ask electronic voice phenomena (EVP) questions! As investigators ourselves, we understand how tiring it can be to keep asking the same questions over and over again. “Is there anyone here with us?” or “Can you make a noise for us?” The bear comes in super handy by taking that chore into its own hands to help generate a positive response.

The younger variant, BooBuddy Jr., also communicates changes in the environment, but is a bit more subtle. This adorable detective lights up in its body and paws when it senses EMF input, making it ideal for minimizing your operational footprint.

BooBuddy is a Helping Hand

BooBuddy was originally created with the task of acting as an additional investigator on our team. We realized, on our investigations which are primarily residential, that many times the client believed the entity may have been a child. Or the family, themselves, had a child.

Much of our equipment, with its sleek look of advanced technology with blinking lights and sounds, may prove intimidating to an entity who resided prior to this era. Beyond even spiritual responses, we find that the family’s own child will be far more comfortable with a teddy bear in the room over tactical vests and black cases full of seemingly alien technology. A cuddly bear with a calming voice, can help change that entirely.

BooBuddy Can Also Bring Along a Bit of Backup

Resourceful ghost hunters typically turn to curated kits to maximize their budget. The BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit is a reliable way to run a thorough investigation.

In addition to the ghost hunting bear, it boasts an EVP wrist recorder, a flashlight, and a durable hard case. Download the BooBuddy App for iPhone and iPad and effortlessly direct investigations with 22 verbal queues available at the touch of a button.

Take a Talking Ghost Hunting Bear on Your Next Ghost Hunt

boobuddy logo

Established ghost hunters and professional paranormal investigators hypothesize that the potential for interaction is increased when an attractive and recognizable object is used. As stuffed bears have been in circulation for over a century, they represent an exceptionally familiar object.

BooBuddy, then, is an excellent and versatile means for incentivizing contact and communication. For more exciting ideas on adding this adorable, paranormal ghost hunting bear to your operations, reach out to GhostStop today.