Pelican Gear Case With Foam

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Pelican Gear Case With Pluck Foam

These cases are the best insurance you can buy for your valuable camera gear, instruments, meters, precision tools and expensive equipment. Unbreakable and "O" ring sealed - guaranteed airtight, watertight and dustproof. All Pelican cases are built to take a beating. Layers of exclusive pick `n pluck foam padding cushion equipment against rough and tumble abuse. Won't dent or corrode, even in or around salt water. Exclusive permanent automatic purge valve contains Gortex type material to prevent moisture from entering the case and allows the automatic release of pressure in the case. Super tough molded handles. Made of Borg-Warner Cycolac ABS Structural Resin. Unconditional lifetime guarantee.

Dimensions: 24.3L x 19.4W x 8.7D

1 Review

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    Posted by Uroboros Paranormal Investigation Assoc. on Jul 22nd 2011

    This case had just arrived today and all I can say is that I'm very satisfied with the product. Not only could we fit the majority of our equipment into it (dvr system with four cameras, cell sensor, an ir light, and several other stuff) but we have enough room to fit at least one more dvr! What makes this product really unique isn't only it's durable outing but that the inside foam is pick and pluck so we could easily remove the foam to fit in our gear snuggly without destroying our cutting the foam so we could re-use it at another time!