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BooBuddy Ghost Hunter Bear

BooBuddy is an interactive ghost hunting bear that investigates with you with many research tools at the ready. BooBuddy detects environmental changes, speaks responses and asks EVP questions.
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BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Interactive Doll BooBuddy Interactive Bear
Price: $359.95
Sale: $299.95 + Free Case!
BooBuddy Jr. Trigger Bear BooBuddy Jr. EMF Trigger Bear
Price: $99.95
Sale: $79.95
BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit
Price: $466.00
Sale: $395.95

BooBuddy as a Paranormal Research Device

BooBuddy is a custom-built device by GhostStop developed by veteran paranormal investigators. As a culmination from many years of a research and yearn for a tool that wears many hats, BooBuddy was born from passion and experience. Some theories suggest that using a trigger object familiar and attractive to an entity may entice them to interact. Being a bear with the intelligence hidden within a plush facade, a teddy is something recognizable and attractive to entities from the beyond, no matter their age. The attractive trigger object calls for a positive interaction then the intelligence built within go to work for spectacular interaction and evidence.

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