SB7 Pro Spirit Box

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Spirit Box SB7-Pro

SB7-Pro Spirit Box introduces new control in the field of sweep radio spirit box devices. Three years of relentless dedication, the creation of multiple prototypes, and countless hours of research and testing have culminated in the birth of the SB7-Pro. This remarkable device is now poised for action in the field.

New Model Spirit Box with Robust Control for Paranormal Research

The SB7-Pro Spirit Box is the first of its kind, boasting an array of unique features and functionalities never before witnessed in the realm of ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) devices. To craft this pioneering technology, the journey began with the development of a sophisticated spirit communication ITC system. This provides an intricate understanding of spirit responses by allowing the meticulous selection of individual radio frequencies for sweep sessions. Moreover, sweep speeds can be adjusted to an unprecedented 20 milliseconds, and spirit responses could be rewound with quality playback sound. In-depth analysis became possible by matching and comparing radio station bits, enabling us to uncover the frequencies and methods preferred by spirits for communication.

This newfound insight facilitated a deeper connection with the spirit world. Spirits began to converse more fluently, occasionally even lending their assistance in refining the device further. Armed with the knowledge of their preferred frequency sources and settings, efforts turned toward enhancing the frequency zones that elicited the most profound Spirit Responses.

Enhancing Spirit Communication

The primary goal was to enhance speech clarity and response duration, giving rise to the development of adjustable frequency steps. The ability to take smaller frequency steps during the sweep process, combined with software filtering and higher resolution user-defined sweep speeds, allowed the overlap and blending of frequencies. This unique technique, centered around the preferred "Hot Spots" (strong radio stations), resulted in a window of up to 40 individual clustered, blended frequencies. This, in turn, created a fertile ground for spirits to communicate fluently through these clustered "hot spots."

Spirit Box SB7 Pro Features

  • Large display with red backlight
  • Industry-first "precision" user-adjustable AM/FM sweep speeds and steps
  • Sweep forward and reverse
  • Temperature spike detection with audible alert
  • Integrated REM field trigger sensor
  • Integrated IR rmitter/receiver trigger sensor
  • Selectable audible alert feature
  • Speaker and earphone audio output
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Antenna switch turns reception ON/OFF
  • Mute switch for silent operation during trigger mode activation

The SB7-Pro Spirit Box isn't just a device; it's a doorway to the supernatural. Explore uncharted realms, converse with spirits, and uncover the mysteries of the afterlife as you venture into the unknown with this groundbreaking innovation.

Communicate with Control with the SB7 Pro Spirit Box

Experienced ghost hunters understand that, more often than not, your paranormal investigations are only as effective as your equipment. When you have several different data sets to keep an eye — or ear — on, you can’t afford to lose time and resources to unreliable equipment.

Fortunately, at GhostStop, ghost hunting is a passion, and we’re excited to share what we’ve learned over decades of experience. For more information on the Spirit Box SB7, reach out to our team today.

Technical Specs

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Large graphic display with red backlight
  • Industry-first "precision" user-adjustable AM/FM sweep speeds
  • Sweep forward and reverse
  • Industry-first user-adjustable FM and AM frequency steps
  • Temperature display: ambient and deviation temperature measurement
  • Temperature °C/°F selectable
  • Temperature spike detection with audible alert
  • Industry-first integrated REM field trigger sensor
  • Industry-first integrated IR emitter/receiver trigger sensor
  • Industry-first REM field and IR sensor simultaneous trigger sensor
  • Selectable audible alert feature
  • 15mW earphone audio output
  • 250mW speaker output
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Antenna switch turns reception ON/OFF
  • Mute switch ON/OFF allows for silent operation during trigger mode activation


  • SB7 Pro Spirit Box
  • Manual


One of the exclusive features of the PSB7-PRO is the frequency overlap technique that is used during the sweep mode. The PSB7-PRO is the first ITC device of its type to offer user selectable frequency steps down to 10 kHz (FM) and 1 kHz (AM). This means that as you sweep, the smaller frequency steps will overlap around the stronger stations and blend together. This forms clusters of slightly detuned frequencies which in turn creates a strong opportunity for Spirit to distort the detuned waves around the stronger frequencies. Using the adjustable frequency step technique, you can sample as many as 10-12 “active” frequencies around the leading and trailing edges of the stronger dominant frequencies. In contrast, a typical sweep radio (P-SB7) scanning in 100 kHz steps may capture 2-3 samples around a strong dominant frequency. When you sample 10-12 steps you are essentially blending low, medium and high strength frequencies together which in turn creates a perfect environment for Spirit to respond more clearly with longer word profiles.

As the user of this ITC device, it is important to understand that creating the ideal conditions for Spirit to respond, by no means guarantees that Spirits will engage in communication with you. You must learn how to distinguish and decipher responses as they occur in real time. And, as with any acquired skill, this takes time, practice and patience. Also,it is important to understand and realize that if Spirits are capable of manipulating radio frequencies to form words and sentences, they too are not perfect. There may be some radio bleed through, and other radio related sounds that you must learn to ignore or separate from their messages. Spirits have told me: "We Are Human in Spirit Form" so keep that in mind when using this ITC device.

  1. Insert (3) AA Alkaline Batteries. The battery power icon will appear in the top right corner of the LCD screen when batteries are inserted correctly.
  2. Check the trigger sensor slide switches on the right side of the device. Sensor switch should be in the OFF position, and Antenna switch in the ON position.
  3. Press and Hold the POWER button for 3 seconds to turn the PSB7-PRO ON.

Operating Sequence

  1. Scan Step: Selects between 10kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz, 60kHz, 80kHz and 100kHz frequency steps while sweeping in FM. And, 01kHz, 02kHz, 04kHz, 06kHz, 08kHz and 10kHz frequency steps while sweeping in AM. When smaller steps are used, radio frequencies begin to overlap and blend together. This allows Spirits to manipulate and distort the smaller blended frequency segments easier resulting in better responses. It is best to experiment to see which setting configuration works best for you.
  2. Sweep Rate (AM/FM): Adjusts how fast or slow you would like to sweep between Radio frequencies. This is selectable between: 30ms (33.3steps/sec), 50ms (20 steps/sec), 70ms (14.3steps/sec), 90ms (11.11 steps/sec),110ms (9steps/sec), 130ms (7.69steps/sec), 150ms (6.66 steps/sec), 170ms (5.88 steps/sec), 190ms (5.26 steps/sec), 210ms (4.76 steps/sec), 230ms (4.34 steps/sec), 250ms (4.0 steps/sec), 270ms (3.7 steps/sec), 290ms (3.44 steps/sec), 310ms (3.22 steps/sec), 330ms (3 steps/sec) and 350ms (2.8 steps/sec).
  3. Sweep FWD: Sweeps sequentially in a forward direction.
  4. Sweep REV: Sweeps sequentially in a reverse direction.
  5. AM/FM: Selects between AM and FM band.
  6. Back Light / Lamp: A momentary press will turn the backlight display ON/OFF and a 3sec press will turn the flashlight ON and OFF.
  7. Vol +: Increases the Volume setting from 1 to 30.
  8. Vol - : Decreases the Volume setting from 30 to 1.
  9. Temp Reset: A momentary press allows you to select between Ambient and Deviation Temperature measurement within the environment.
  10. Alert - F/ C: Momentary press selects between degree F and degree C temperature units. A 3 sec press turns the audible alert ON, another 3 sec press turns the alert OFF. The audible alert announces with two beeps when the Temp sensor detects a rapid +/- 1 C temperature change in 2 seconds. It also alerts one beep when the REM and/or IR sensors are triggered automatically and the PSB7-PRO starts sweeping.
  11. Sweep Off/Timer: This button activates the Off-delay timer and interactive features with the REM/IR- REM-IR sensor interface. When this is set to OFF (00s) and the sensor slide switch is set to OFF, the PSB7-PRO can only be activated manually using the function buttons.
  12. Power: A 3 sec press will turn the Radio ON and OFF.

Interactive Sensors

REM: The PSB7-PRO uses a Capacitive sensor located under the top front cover.
This sensor creates an electrostatic field that extends about 0.5” (12mm) above the front cover within the defined REM area. The output state of this field is analyzed in real time for any field disturbances and responds accordingly to control the sweep function (Image E).

Infrared Emitter/Receiver: Are located at the top of the PSB7-PRO. The Infrared detection operating principal consists of an IR source (Transmitter) which is used to emit radiation at a required wavelength. The radiation reaches an object and is then reflected back where the energy is received by an IR Receiver. The received IR radiation is then amplified and analyzed for intensity variations.

How To Use The Trigger Sensors

There are a few different ways that the REM and Infrared sensors, located on the right side of the PSB7-PRO can be used during your investigation. The user can select if the sensors are connected to an OFF-delay timer or set to instant ON/OFF trigger.

  1. Instant ON/OFF: In this mode, the sweep and LED light tube will react instantaneously when the sensor is activated and stop when the senor is deactivated. There is NO timer in this mode of operation. User can select which sensor/sensors you want to activate by using the sensor switch located on the right side of the PSB7-PRO select the REM/IR -REM or IR switch position and set your Sweep Off /Timer button to show “00s” on the LCD.

    In this Instant mode the user can:
    A) Activate the audible Alert which is loud enough to be heard throughout a large area. Press the Alert C/ F buttonfor 3 sec to activate. When the audible Alert is used with only the REM sensor feature, it is possible to activate the audible Alert with and /or without sweeping. The sweep action depends on the induced signal strength and dwell time around the REM field. This creates an intentional challenging control situation for Spirit, and something the user can use during research and experimentation.

    B) Use the IR and REM field simultaneously and if the IR energy is interrupted the audible tone will be heard and then always followed by some momentary sweeping sound.
    As mentioned above, the REM field can be disturbed and the audible Alert activated with and without sweeping. This is done to help the user distinguish which field is potentially being manipulated by Spirit.

    C) Reduce the PSB7-PRO volume and turn the audible alert OFF so that only the LED light tube is used for binary interaction.

    D)  Activating the “MUTE” button on the left side of the PSB7-PRO allows the PSB7-PRO to sit silently until a sensor is triggered. Once a sensor trigger is enabled, the sound comes ON and the device will sweep at whatever volume setting it is set at.

    E)  Set scan step to 10 or 20kHz, Sweep speed 30 to 50ms, MUTE OFF and allow Spirit the opportunity to manipulate the device to find a detuned frequency to speak through.

    F) Tap the Sweep FWD or Sweep REV button to set the sweep direction.
  2. OFF-Delay: In this mode the user can select a specific Off-delay timer from: 15s, 30s, 45s, 60s, 90s, and 120s (Image I). Once the REM and or Infrared sensor is triggered and the sweep starts, The PSB7-PRO will continue sweeping until another sensor interruption occurs. Or, if the Off-delay time is reached. Note: all other operating parameters can be adjusted as per A-F above.
  3. Temperature Sensor Alert: when the Temp sensor detects a rapid +/- 1 C temperature change in 2 seconds, the Alert will beep two times. This will occur with or without the sensors being turned ON. The odds of this happening is unlikely, but it’s there just in case the condition does occur.

FM Suggested Sweep Speed vs Frequency Steps

Frequency Steps                 Sweep Speed

10kHz-20kHz                     030ms - 090ms

20kHz-40kHz                     090ms - 130ms

40kHz-60kHz                     130ms - 170ms

60kHz, 80kHz &100kHz       170ms - 230ms

Note: The above setting configuration is just a suggestion. You will become more proficient with your PSB7-PRO over time. And, as you acquire more experience you will learn what settings work best for you based on your investigative style and environmental parameters.

MUTE and Environmental Activation

In order for the MUTE button to work, the REM, IR or REM-IR Sensor Switch must be activated. This allows you the option to place the PRO device in a location where it can idle and remain silent until one of the trigger sensors is activated by a Spirit. This allows them to interact and speak to you when "they" want to.

Steps for using the MUTE between your questions:

  1. Turn the REM sensor ON
  2. Set the SWEEP OFF TIMER button to "0"
  3. HOLD your finger (thumb) on the REM field to begin Sweeping.
  4. Remove your finger to MUTE and ask your question.

Using this mode, the sweep will remain active for 20-30 seconds before it will stop automatically.

You can also use any IR remote controller (TV/Radio etc.) to activate Sweep with the MUTE ON/OFF feature from 3-4' away. Simply adjust as described above but, Set the SWEEP OFF TIMER button to a number, ie 15-30s etc. Make sure you are aligned from the remote control IR to the PSB7-PRO IR Receiver. 

Suggestions for Best Results

  1. For best response results, use the PSB7-PRO in an area where radio reception is the strongest.
  2. If sweeping in the FM mode, extend the telescopic antenna completely out.
  3. When using the Infrared (IR) trigger sensor be aware that there could be interference caused by IR lighting, Sunlight, Camera’s and other invisible radiation sources.
  4. My optimum PSB7-PRO configuration: Antenna Out/ON, FM, Sweep FWD, Scan Step 40kHz, Sweep Rate 170ms.