There's a new GAME in town in Phasmophobia

There's a new GAME in town in Phasmophobia

Posted by GhostStop on Oct 16th 2020

phasmophobia game

Whether you're a veteran paranormal investigator or a gamer-at heart, you'll love a new game called Phasmophobia. Luckily, we are both of those things. This new game puts you on paranormal investigations with a group of 4 fellow investigators. Using equipment we use on real investigations, you are tasked with collecting evidence and helping the client to determine what type of entity you are dealing with. This experience is about as close as you can get to what an actual investigation feels like - then add in a sprinkling of creepy chills and a few jump scares. But when it comes to the evidence collection involved, they nailed it. Plus, you get a high tech truck to work out of. My advice: don't play this alone. Happy hunting, investigators!

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