Onvoy: The New Ghost Box Communicator for Paranormal Investigations

Onvoy: The New Ghost Box Communicator for Paranormal Investigations

Posted by GhostStop on May 10th 2022

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A new ghost box is here to bolster communications.

Built by veteran paranormal investigators there is a new tool on the scene that is set to deliver messages in a big way. Called Onvoy, the main features of this device provide ghosts with a simple yet flexible way to display words and phrases, emotions, yes or no answers and numbers in a uniquely transparent way.

Set Onvoy on a mission to the other side.

onvoy ghost box for ghost huntingOnvoy provides entities an easy way to communicate that is uniquely effective. Through a display of letters, numbers, yes and no selections and icons, spirits can now articulate more than just a blinking light.

Words, phrases, emotions, numbers and more in one device.

To produce these words and other selections, Onvoy scans the envirionment using multiple sensors for EMF, temperature and vibration for touch sensing. There is a lighted text display, multiple indicator lights and an audio alert to let you know when spikes and selections happen along with various helpful indications for settings.

Talking about settings, you can also control the sensitivity or even which sensors to use on the fly through full control. You can use just EMF for the selections, add another sensor or go full tilt and use all three at the same time. It's all up to you which works best for you or each location.

Full transparency allows you to see HOW it works.

Onvoy is built with one major concept in mind - transparency. This means every selection that is made, every letter, every word and every icon is detailed on the screen for documentation. You'll know exactly how each choice was made.

For demonstration, you can even 'type' out a word yourself by tapping the unit with the right timing. This ability allows you to demonstrate to entities exactly how it is used. No apps or other word producing devices can do this or provide such a level of transparency.

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Onvoy Video Introduction
Onvoy Demonstration Video

Easy to use - for ghost hunters and ghosts.

Extensive and open-ended communication starts with merely a touch, temperature change or EMF spike. No word databases or learning of complicated code is necessary for either party.

Based on long-standing theories that entities may already understand and use manipulation of energy, temp and touch to communicate, Onvoy gets to work employing what they may already know. Ultimately, it simply allows entities to use those same abilities in communicating with us more clearly.

What will they say to us?

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No dictionary. No bounds.

As you investigate and promote interaction, look for words or phrases to appear as a response. Through the unique flexibility of this method you may see names, abbreviations, acronyms and slang. Since the fundamentals of this device are not bound by a dictionary, be on the lookout for anything that might be of context. You may even see misspellings and other languages. Since Onvoy employs the English/Latin alphabet, many languages are possible.

This device does not audibly speak or say words. Doing so would require a dictionary of words or a complex AI system which would limit its ability or manipulate the output. Since Onvoy is made to be restriction-free in a documentable fashion, there are no limits to what it might produce and how it may aid you on your investigations.

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