How to Become a Real-Life Ghostbuster

How to Become a Real-Life Ghostbuster

Posted by By Kayla O'Brien, ORLANDO SENTINEL on Jul 19th 2016

ghoststop feature in Orlando SentinelYou’ve got a ghost. Who you gonna call?

I’m calling Shawn Porter. He ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Porter owns Ghost Stop in the historic downtown St. Cloud. The quaint shop was once a bank and now sells ghost hunting equipment. “Although we are skeptical and looking at things from a logical and scientific stand point, there are things we don’t understand,” Porter said.

The store, which also has a flourishing online business, makes most of their own hunting gear in a workshop within the store’s backroom. “We have essentially mad scientists that are building equipment all day long,” said Porter. 3D printers line the walls inside the small room where engineers who love the eerie tinker and toil with wires and knobs. “We can design something and have it by the end of the day,” Porter said.

The remake of the classic "Ghostbusters" that hit theaters this weekend inspired a renewed fascination in the paranormal world. “It’s not necessarily something everybody talks about but it’s something a lot of people have an interest in,” said Porter. Porter said he got involved in ghost hunting as a child when he began having interactions with the unknown. Now he designs meters that can detect supernatural energies, thermal cameras and even a teddy bear called Boo Buddy that attempts to interact with spirits. “Some ghosts could be intimidated by me and my equipment but everyone knows what a teddy bear is,” Porter said.

Besides the serious stuff, Ghostbusters in training can also buy some gag gifts and items related to the movie.

If you want to become a real life Ghostbuster visit the Ghost Stop website.

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