GhostStop Moves to Form Ghost HQ Hub for Paranormal Research

GhostStop Moves to Form Ghost HQ Hub for Paranormal Research

Posted by GhostStop on May 16th 2023

GhostStop Relocates to Historic Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia, Unveiling 'Ghost HQ' for the Paranormal Research Community

Lynchburg, Virginia - May 16, 2023 - GhostStop, a leading resource for paranormal investigators, is thrilled to announce its relocation from Florida to historic downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. With this move, GhostStop unveils its new building, a remarkable establishment in the heart of Lynchburg, poised to become the headquarters for the paranormal field.

Founded many years ago by Shawn Porter, an esteemed investigator himself, GhostStop is the leading provider of ghost hunting equipment and has been a trusted resource and a driving force in the paranormal research community for over 16 years. The decision to move to Lynchburg marks a significant milestone for the company and its commitment to serving fellow investigators.

GhostStop New Location in Lynchburg, Virginia

GhostStop's New Building

The new GhostStop building, constructed in 1908 and situated along the picturesque James River, holds deep historical significance. Once considered a skyscraper, this iconic structure remains an architectural gem, radiating charm amidst the city's vibrant skyline. GhostStop's relocation to such a prominent location speaks volumes about its dedication to preserving history and supporting the local community.

Also, GhostStop is Hiring!

With this growth and new venture, GhostStop is looking to add to their experience crew. If you're looking for an interesting and unique career path take a look at the job openings at Current openings include positions for manufacturing, shipping, customer service, tour guides and marketing.

Ghost HQ, a Hub for Paranormal Research

GhostStop's vision goes beyond establishing a new headquarters. The company is delighted to announce the opening of 'Ghost HQ,' a multifaceted hub designed to foster collaboration, learning, and support within the paranormal research community. Beyond hosting GhostStop's store front and manufacturing facilities, Ghost HQ will provide investigators with access to parts of the building investigation spaces, training, meeting rooms, evidence review collaboration and research offices. This high-tech and constructive environment aims to facilitate innovation, foster unity, and propel the field forward.

"GhostStop has always been a champion for innovation, diversity, and unity within the paranormal field and beyond," said Shawn Porter, the owner of GhostStop. "Our relocation to Lynchburg and the establishment of Ghost HQ reflects our unwavering commitment to these values. We are excited to continue driving progress alongside our fellow investigators and look forward to welcoming them to Ghost HQ in the summer of 2023."

The move to Lynchburg presents a thrilling opportunity for the paranormal research community, as GhostStop extends an open invitation to investigators from around the world to join them at Ghost HQ. This landmark establishment is poised to become a central hub for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and advancement in the field.

As GhostStop prepares to open its doors to the public, investigators and enthusiasts alike are encouraged to stay connected and informed about the latest updates and developments. For more information and to follow GhostStop's journey, visit their website at or the newly-formed web site for

Lynchburg Ghost Tours and Events

We will also be hosting regular Lynchburg ghost tours and public investigations. With Ghost HQ as a jumping point, there will be plenty for visitors and traveling paranormal enthusiasts to enjoy. Learn, tour and have fun in a spirited way all in Downtown Lynchburg, VA.

Prepare to embark on a spine-tingling journey through the curious and spirited history of Historic Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia promising to be an unforgettable series of ghost tours and real paranormal investigations. Step into the past, where the line between the living and the departed blurs, and uncover the mysteries that shroud Lynchburg's historic streets and buildings. Our captivating tours offer multiple ways to immerse yourself in this eerie experience – from guided Downtown Lynchburg walking ghost tours in fully interactive paranormal investigations in the area.

About GhostStop

GhostStop is a leading resource for paranormal investigators, offering a wide range of tools, equipment, and resources for the paranormal research community. Founded by Shawn Porter, GhostStop is dedicated to providing investigators with top-quality products, training, and support to enhance their research endeavors.

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