GhostStop and Digital Dowsing Together

GhostStop and Digital Dowsing Together

Posted by GhostStop on Jun 8th 2023

GhostStop and Digital Dowsing: Uniting Two Legends in the Paranormal Field

GhostStop, the leading developer and seller of ghost hunting and paranormal investigation equipment, is excited to announce the acquisition of Digital Dowsing, a renowned company known for its groundbreaking investigation equipment, including the iconic Ovilus. This move brings together two legendary entities in the paranormal field, signaling a new era of innovation and collaboration.

GhostStop, owned by Shawn Porter, has long been at the forefront of paranormal research, providing investigators with cutting-edge ghost hunting equipment. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the field, GhostStop has earned a reputation for excellence and dedication to advancing the understanding of the paranormal world.

Digital Dowsing, under the leadership of Bill Chappell, has made significant contributions to paranormal investigation technology over the years. Chappell's creations, particularly the Ovilus, have revolutionized the way investigators communicate with the other side. His work has inspired countless researchers and enthusiasts, making Digital Dowsing a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the paranormal community.

Digital Dowsing Joins GhostStop

Bill Chappell, the visionary behind the Ovilus, SLS, Paranormal Puck and many more devices, expresses his deep appreciation for the support he has received throughout his career. After years of groundbreaking research and development, Chappell recognizes the time has come to pass the torch to the next generation. In an industry where progress hinges on constant evolution, he has chosen GhostStop and its owner, Shawn Porter, to continue his legendary and iconic work.

"For me, this passing of the torch is a chance to entrust the next generation with the technology and passion that I've been developing for so many years."

Bill expresses confidence that Shawn and his crew at GhostStop will continue to innovate and develop new products that aid investigators to better understand the paranormal world.

Shawn Porter, owner of GhostStop, is honored and privileged to carry forward the legacy of Bill Chappell and Digital Dowsing. Recognizing the immense impact of Chappell's contributions, Porter views this acquisition as an opportunity to build upon the foundation laid by his predecessor. Porter and his GhostStop Crew are determined to honor Chappell's vision by relentlessly pursuing innovation and the development of groundbreaking ghost hunting tools.

"This does not mean the end of my work. I'll continue bringing new ideas to the field side-by-side with GhostStop.”

Shawn admits that this is a truly humbling moment for him and his crew. To be entrusted with continuing Bill Chappell's work is an incredible privilege and the team is outwardly committed to upholding Bill's legacy of groundbreaking ideas and pushing the boundaries of paranormal research even further. "My crew and I are excited to collaborate with Bill and build upon his pioneering achievements."

"I’ve always said that working together is the path forward in this field. And this step is one more forward in that direction.”

GhostStop's acquisition of Digital Dowsing represents a consolidation of expertise and resources, driving the future of paranormal investigation technology. Together, these two influential companies will explore new horizons and deliver even more powerful and effective tools to investigators worldwide.

As the journey begins, the collaboration between GhostStop and Digital Dowsing promises to redefine the paranormal landscape. Stay tuned for exciting developments, as GhostStop continues to evolve and innovate with Bill's guidance.

Digital Dowsing Products Are Coming

The Ovilus is now readily available at GhostStop as the initial rollout of Digital Dowsing products begins. But it won't stop there. Over time, GhostStop will begin producing and releasing many more of Bill's tools. Beyond that, you can expect a whole lot more.

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Future of Ghost Hunting Gear

Shawn, Bill and the GhostStop Crew will be working diligently to combine efforts in creating all new groundbreaking tools never before seen in the paranormal world, and beyond. As always, make sure to keep watch and see what unfolds as these two powerhouse think tanks evolve together.

About GhostStop GhostStop is a leading developer and seller of ghost hunting and paranormal investigation equipment. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the field, GhostStop provides investigators with cutting-edge tools to explore the unknown. For more information, visit

About Digital Dowsing Digital Dowsing, founded by Bill Chappell, is known for its iconic and groundbreaking paranormal investigation equipment, including the renowned Ovilus. The company has played a significant role in revolutionizing the way investigators communicate with the other side.