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Ghost Hunting Kits

We have put together ghost hunting kits with some of the best equipment combinations we suggest for all levels of investigators from the learning beginner to the weathered pro. No matter your level or budget you can find a kit that suits you. As veteran investigators ourselves, we understand the need for quality equipment that doesn’t break the bank. With that in mind, below are kits we have curated ourselves featuring products that complement each other well to suit a range of budgets.

Ghost Hunting Kits for Ghost Hunting on a Budget

No one ever said that hunting ghosts was easy. You never know when or where the next ghost sighting is going to happen, and capturing evidence of these spirits can be difficult — especially if you’re unprepared.

That’s what makes a ghost hunting tool kit so handy for any paranormal investigator. Beginners can rely on a bundle to save resources when learning about ghost hunting essentials, and professionals can use these kits to acquire several pieces of their favorite equipment in one package.

At GhostStop, we have several supernatural hunter’s kits available for new and veteran ghost hunters alike. With several decades of experience under our proverbial belts, you can rest assured that each piece is selected for optimal effectiveness during an investigation into the supernatural.

Ghost Hunting Equipment Kits

No matter your budget or level of expertise, you can find the perfect paranormal ghost hunting kit for your team. Here, we’ve put together a list of the best ghost hunting kits on the market.

These feature the most ideal equipment combinations for each rank of investigator, from kids and learners to the weathered professionals. While tactics, strategies, and equipment may be fairly common amongst different paranormal investigation teams, the needs of each operation will differ from the next.

As veteran investigators ourselves, we understand the need for quality equipment that is reliable, without breaking the bank. With that in mind, below are the toolkits we’ve curated, featuring products that complement each other well to suit a range of budgets and operational requirements.

Beginner’s Ghost Hunting Kits

The Beginner Ghost Hunting Kit offers a few staples in ghost hunting gear, each designed to endure for years on end. You receive a new EVP Wrist Recorder, which captures high-quality audio, maximizes portability, and is designed for exceptional convenience.

You’ll also get an EMF meter to detect changes on the electromagnetic spectrum, and some accessories to aid you in your investigation. Finally, you can protect all of your gear with the optional, hard gear case.

Kids Ghost Hunting Kits

Kids often like to join their adult loved ones on adventures, so it makes sense to help them learn with their very own ghost hunter’s toolkit. However, while the BooBuddy Ghost Hunting Kit may appeal to younger ghost hunters, it’s definitely not a child’s toy.

In some investigations, you will want a trigger object that can attract ghosts and encourage a positive response. BooBuddy serves on professional ghost hunting teams by offering a friendly face to potential entities; fortunately, this friendly face is also welcoming to younger paranormal investigators as well.

BooBuddy also investigates, asking EVP questions and monitoring important changes in the environment. This high-tech bear comes with a GhostStop compact flashlight, an EVP Wrist-Mounted Voice Recorder, and the hard gear case.

Learner’s Paranormal Investigation Toolkits

Our Learner Ghost Hunting Kit is a great way for anyone interested in starting out or improving as a ghost hunter. In addition to several pieces of equipment, it includes a guidebook, How to Hunt Ghosts.

Intermediate Ghost Hunting Toolkits

Our Intermediate Paranormal Investigation Kit is a great way to hone your skills and increase your chances of successfully capturing evidence of paranormal activity. It comes with a variety of tools and gadgets to help you hunt ghosts, including a Mel EMF meter, EVP wrist recorder, flashlight, and a hard gear case.

Professional Ghost Hunting Kits

Our comprehensive Pro Ghost Hunting Kit is perfect for anyone who explores the supernatural professionally. It includes everything you need to detect and communicate with ghosts, including:

  • EVP Wrist Recorder
  • Flashlight
  • Flexible Tripod
  • Large Case with Pluck Foam
  • Mel EMF Meter with Temperature
  • Phasm Camera
  • Phasm Light
  • SBox Ghost Scanner

Ghost Hunting Kits with a Spirit Box

When attempting communication with potential spirits, it helps to know where to focus your efforts. The Spirit Box Ghost Hunting Kit features an SBox Spirit Box for conducting sweeping scans of communication channels, plus equipment to monitor sound and temperature.

DIY Ghost Hunting Kits

A ghost hunter’s kit generally involves an array of ghost hunting equipment. Since many of these devices are built specifically for detecting the supernatural, they are not always easy to find.

Some investigators prefer to handle this by building their own equipment, or collecting together their own, personally curated gear. Our DIY EMF Meter Kit is great for installing EMF detection into a trigger object of your own choosing..

Otherwise, we’ll be happy to guide you on which of our items suit your ghost-hunting needs best. With these tips, you can assemble the ideal toolkit for your operations.

Standard Equipment in the Best Ghost Hunting Toolkits

Every ghost hunter should have the following items on hand when investigating the paranormal and documenting the experiences. You never know if you might run into activity, so it never hurts to be prepared to capture the best evidence.

Ghost Kit Essentials: Flashlight

Safety first! A flashlight is a simple yet necessary tool. Often, ghosts manifest at night. Whether or not you use a standard flashlight, a headlamp, or other tools, you want to be ready for safety above all. Every ghost hunting kit needs light.

Ghost Kit Essentials: EMF Meter

To monitor changes in the environment you will need an appropriate device to detect these fluctuations such as a thermometer for temperature or an EMF meter for energy spikes in electromagnetic fields. When a ghost appears, theories suggest that they absorb energy from the nearby area causing changes such as a drop in temperature.

Ghost Kit Essentials: Audio-Visual Recording Equipment

You need a reliable audio recorder and a camera. While a ghost may not show up on recorded film or digital media, they may still make sounds. Tracking those can help a hunter establish patterns.

Catch the Best Ghost Hunter Kits at GhostStop

GhostStop is your number-one resource for ghost-hunting equipment. You won’t have to hunt down the best tools possible in different stores; we keep stock centralized, and ready for use.

We have used it all, approved it, and in many cases, built and designed it ourselves. With our team frequently testing equipment for quality control, you can be certain you are working with a company that is constantly working toward innovation and dedication.

Are you ready to upgrade your ghost hunter equipment? To find the best ghost hunting kits for sale on the market, reach out to our team today.