Ghostbusters Monopoly

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Ghostbusters™ Edition MONOPOLY®

ghostbusters logoThere's something strange in your neighborhood! save the world from paranormal activity by subduing the vapors, entities and slimers at famous new York locations from the original Ghostbusters movie. Improve your locations with custom sculpted Ghost traps and storage units to hold the spooks at bay. No job is too big, no fee is too big in this custom edition of Monopoly!

Ages 8+ | 2-6 Players

  • MONOPOLY GAME: GHOSTBUSTERS EDITION: There's something strange in the neighborhood and you got the call! This game features artwork, tokens, and themes based on the original Ghostbusters movie
  • WIN GHOSTBUSTING CONTRACTS: Players imagine traveling through New York City trying to win Ghostbusting contracts. Team up to battle Slimer, Stay Puft, and other supernatural entities to save the city
  • ROAMING VAPOR CARDS: This edition of The Monopoly game features Roaming Vapor cards, and ECTO-1 and Supernatural Entity spaces on the game board
  • GHOST TRAPS AND CONTAINMENT UNITS: Got a color set? Start adding Ghost Traps, then eventually upgrade and buy Containment Units
  • FOR GHOSTBUSTERS FANS: Win contracts, bust ghosts, save the city! The Monopoly game: Ghostbusters Edition is an awesome game for Ghostbusters fans, ages 8 and up


  • 6 collectible tokens: Proton Pack, PKE Meter, Ecto Goggles and more
  • Custom houses as Ghost Traps and hotels as Storage Facilities
  • Custom-designed game board featuring locations from the original movie
  • Custom Community Chest as I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost cards & Chance as Who Ya Gonna Call Cards
  • Custom-themed MONOPOLY® money
  • Game instructions

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