Flux 2 Response Device

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Flux Response Device for Ghost Hunting Communication LogoFlux 2 Paranormal Response Device

Ask questions. Get answers from the beyond.

Paranormal investigators need to collect a lot of data in the field so that they can form reasonable hypotheses about the possible causes of unexplained activity. This can include video documentation, temperature readings, and even audio recordings of potential ghost communication.

A common strategy is for ghost hunters to try and motivate responses from any possible entities in the area. You can often accomplish this by moving into and through the spaces they are most connected to, by handling items that were special to them, or by asking questions in sort of a paranormal interview.

This is the area of investigation in which the Flux 2 by GhostStop is invaluable. Your team can ideate yes or no questions to ask ghosts, and this ghost hunting tool will provide alerts when there’s a response.

Flux 2 Paranormal Response Device

This ghost hunting device provides clear responses that you can see and hear during an investigation. Just set it down, ask simple questions, and await a response.

You can choose to ask a question with a Yes/No answer, or any other close-ended questions of your choice. Answers to your questions are indicated with a tone and either a Red or Green light.

Features of the Flux 2 Paranormal Equipment from GhostStop

  • Clear responses with color changing lights for quick reference
  • NEW Light and sound indicators to help determine distance
  • NEW Zone selection to adjust sensitivity area
  • Sound alerts with scaling tones for clear audible indicators
  • Multiple environmental sensors for easy interaction
  • Rechargeable long-life battery

Multiple Sensors Detect Changes in the Environment.

The Flux 2 paranormal communication device utilizes multiple environmental sensors to determine responses based on location of motion, distance, and even temperature changes.

The Flux device includes two highly sensitive infrared laser motion and distance sensors. To measure temperature there is an ambient thermometer probe which reads the air temperature around the device.

These sensors provide quick and precise measurements of movement and distance. In fact, this is the most significant advancement that we made to the original model.

Flux Response Device product illustrationAsk away. You control the conversation.

We’ve put the control in your hands. Direct the conversation to what fits your investigation best.

The answers can be any of your choosing, but they do need to be close-ended questions — that is, questions with only two possible responses. You can ask the entity to move one side for one answer and the other for another answer.

You can even ask them to change the temperature! It’s your investigation, so choose your own path.

Examples of Yes or No Questions to Ask Ghosts:

"Is there anyone here with us?"

  • Yes: Green light with high audio tone
  • No: Red light with low audio tone

"Are you male or female? Red for male. Green for female."

  • Female: Green light with high audio tone
  • Male: Red light with low audio tone

"Do you like this object or that object?" (place a trigger object each side)

  • Right object: Green light with high audio tone
  • Left object: Red light with low audio tone

Examples of close-ended responses:

  • Yes / No
  • Good / Bad
  • Male / Female
  • One / Many
  • Light / Dark
  • Left / Right
  • Up / Down
  • Go / Stay
  • Hurt / Help

NEW Zone selection lets you adjust to the room.

Flux Response Device product illustration New sensor technology provides the ability to determine distance, so The Flux 2 now lets you set the area around the device that you wish to investigate. Additionally, we’ve built in an adjustment knob to set the Zone or ‘bubble of influence’.

This is helpful in cases where you wish to be around the Flux to communicate. Otherwise, you can set it to a larger Zone if you wish to leave it on its own in a big room.

Sensitivity Zones

When you turn the Flux 2 on, just turn the knob to set the sensitivity Zone. Zone 1 is helpful for use on a table with investigators sitting around and attempting to communicate, while Zone 4 is best for larger rooms.

The first 10 seconds will provide time to set the Zone and step away. Only movement within the Zone area will cause an alert once the device is set.

Zone selections:

  • Zone 1 (Green) = up to 1 foot distance
  • Zone 2 (Yellow) = up to 2 feet
  • Zone 3 (Red) = up to 4 feet
  • Zone 4 (Purple) = up to 7 feet (max)

made by ghoststop This product is made right here at GhostStop.

Please Note

Parts of the Flux are 3D printed right here at GhostStop, and each one is made with great care by hand. As such, each device may have unique elements in the texture that could appear to be small defects.

These unique elements do not affect the function of the product. Though we do our best to keep them as uniform as possible, each one will be unique in some small way since they are each printed and hand-built for quality.

We appreciate your understanding of that.

Encourage Ghost Communication with Flux 2 from GhostStop

This type of ghost hunting tool can be used in many ways, such as the question-and-answer examples given above. However, we are most curious to see how you (our fellow investigators) will use it in the field and what you find works best.

Maybe you could put trigger objects on each side to indicate which the entity prefers or be alerted if an object moves on its own. Alternatively, perhaps you do find that ghost comms are exactly what your ghost hunting team needed.

  • Precise motion and distance detection on 2 sides
  • Zone adjustment to set area of influence
  • Temperature detection
  • Color-changing lights to for indication and responses
  • Sound alerts to indicate various responses
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charger
  • Battery life is 10+ hours on a single charge
  • Size: 4"w x 3"h x 2"d
  • Best used indoors


NOTE: The first 10 SECONDS while both lights are flashing allows you to set the Zone.
Flux Response Device product illustration
  • Turn the device ON by turning the red adjustment knob clockwise. Flux will begin flashing on both sides.
  • Set the ZONE by turning the red adjustment knob left or right. Both lights will flash a color to indicate the Zone.
    • Zone 1 (Green) = up to 1 foot distance
    • Zone 2 (Yellow) = up to 2 feet
    • Zone 3 (Red) = up to 4 feet
    • Zone 4 (Purple) = up to 7 feet (max)
  • After 10 SECONDS both lights will flash white and beep to indicate it is ready.
  • Set Flux down and step out of the Zone area to allow Flux to investigate and begin alerting.
  • You can reset the Zone at any time by turning the red adjustment knob again.

Setup Tips

  • Stay out of the Zone. Motion and distance sensors on each side of the device alert to motion in the area. With that, you want to ensure you and your teammates remain out of the Zone or 'area of influence'. This is why we have included the ability to set the distance (or Zone) at which Flux interacts.
  • Set it on a solid surface. Naturally, with motion sensing being a key function of this device, movement will set it off. Make sure the surface is sturdy.
  • NOTE: Flux 2 is best used indoors. Outdoor use may produce noisy readings. Here's why. The sensors on each side achieve readings by sending out a signal ping and waiting for a response ping back in order to collect data. If that ping disappears off into the sky, the data may never come back and throws off the readings. A large room, warehouse or tall ceilings are perfectly fine. It's just the unending abyss of the sky that may pose a problem.


  • Blue pulsing lights = Flux is scanning for changes (no changes present)
  • Green with scaling short low tone = motion on the left side of the device
  • Red with scaling short high tone = motion on right side of the device
  • Green with long high tone = temperature drop
  • Red with long low tone = temperature rise
  • Response lights will remain on for 20 seconds to indicate that a response has recently taken place. This is in case you do not see the initial response. This will reset after 20 seconds unless it is interrupted again.

Directions for Charging

  • Using the USB cable provided, plug it into any standard USB power source. For plugging into a standard wall AC outlet you will need a common AC/USB adapter (not included).
    • Red light near the USB port = Charging
    • Blue light near the USB port = Fully Charged
  • A fully-charged battery will last over 10 hours.
  • Charging to will take about 1 hour
  • Flux device can be used while it's charging for unlimited use via wall outlet adapter or USB battery pack. A USB battery pack is handy so you can use the device and continue charging all while being completely mobile.

37 Reviews

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 26th 2024

    Pretty simple yet effective little gadget. The entity in my home seemed confused the first couple of sessions cause I usually used a candle but eventually it got the hang of it and I have easily been communicating with this entity. I recommend. It's also good for just a regular motion detector as well.

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Wendy Dubuisson on Feb 26th 2024

    This ghostbusting device is a great pal A1 in my book. You guys have outdone yourself picks up an Energy fluctuation, and presence every time.

  • 5
    I call this the Yes/No Prism

    Posted by Ben MIlheim on Dec 19th 2023

    This is a really good piece of paranormal gear. I use it after the initial sweep to establish intelligence, and willingness to communicate. Honestly the first couple times I used it, it kinda freaked me out but its awesome. Highly recommended, a permanent part of my bag.

  • 5

    Posted by Spooky Ventures INC on Dec 15th 2023

    This piece known as the pyramid amongst the paranormal community is a must have! Perfect for beginning and seasoned investigators' alike. Great for true and false, yes or no, multiple choice: I.E. light the green side up if I'm speaking to a man, Light the right side up if you're a woman, these types of questions add to your investigative findings, don't sleep on this tool!

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by jesse wolfe on Dec 15th 2023

    this is great piece of tech for your ghost adventure. no problems with this item. ghost know exactly what this does yes no. works great. i recommend for sure.

  • 5
    Flux 2 Response Device

    Posted by Jeff A on Dec 11th 2023

    This product works really well

  • 5
    It is a cool tool when your trying to establish communication with the paranormal. It's small but mighty. The sensors are sensitive and accurate.

    Posted by Bob on Aug 10th 2023

    The Flux 2 is one of my 1st go to.

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Mark Riemer on Jul 25th 2023

    Excellent device, the dual infrared lasers are great detectors, and very accurate. Long lasting charge, and well made. An important item for your paranormal kit.

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Sean Close on Jun 27th 2023

    Very happy. It does everything as advertised.

  • 5
    Too Cool!

    Posted by Paranormal RealEstate on May 28th 2023

    Compact easy to carry. Works like a champ worth every penny!

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Andrew S on May 21st 2023

    Neat little device. I was after one when I saw the Destination Fear crew using one. Used it for the first time last night & had some good responses.

  • 5
    FLUX 2

    Posted by GERARD on May 16th 2023

    Used in house that had very high emf reading that effected this device and other equipment. Happy with the device overall,

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Lisa Jorgensen on May 7th 2023

    So far I love it

  • 4
    The yes and the no

    Posted by John on Mar 25th 2023

    Ive had this piece of equipment for a while, and I have to say, works as advertised. Ive had interesting experiences with this piece of equipment. I have learned recently that if the sensor gets dusty, then it will continue to trigger until cleaned. So, just keep it clean and stored appropriately. I would recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Team Ghost Case on Dec 29th 2022

    The Flux2 Response Device works very seriously. You can see if the Entity is far or near. The order arrived very quickly. Thank You for this Item. It's fun to work with.

  • 5
    The Flux2 Is an amazing little machine to work with

    Posted by Asha LightEagle on Dec 23rd 2022

    I would absolutely recommend Flux 2 a great little tool. Because it’s so precise and it works when Spirit has anything to tell they will communicate and let you know, and you can also use this in other ways as well not only as a yes or no question machine. I’ve used it indoors and outdoors, and when it functions than actually does and you get amazed, how great of a tool piece of paranormal equipment this actually is. This is a must have. I did use this on the cemetery and did communicate with my dad and my aunt and I did use it together with a motion sensor. So when a spirit was approaching, I could see that and the flux would also answer the questions.

  • 5

    Posted by Alexander Landau on Nov 24th 2022

    The device is of high quality and has a surprising number of functions. I was skeptical at first about the price. But now I hold the device in my hand and I think it was worth every penny. Thanks for the fast delivery!

  • 5
    This Device Rocks

    Posted by Christine Hatley on Oct 15th 2022

    I've been up all night and morning having a blast with this device. It actually works! This device is no joke!

  • 4
    Flux motion detector

    Posted by Chad / Wake the Dead on Oct 1st 2022

    This was a pretty handy tool for our visit to Waverly Hills. We had quite a few hits on this tool. Easy to set up and also to adjust the sensitivity if needed. I felt like the spirits were drawn to the glowing blue lights. We had more hits with this over our REMs.

  • 5
    Flux 2 Response Device

    Posted by Richard Finnell on Oct 1st 2022

    This is an excellent tool to have. Responses have been incredible. I have asked questions in another area and had it respond where I set it.

  • 4
    Nice product

    Posted by Jean-Francois Dupont on Aug 12th 2022

    It’s working pretty well with the small test that I did.

  • 5
    Flux 2 Response Device

    Posted by Elke Isenberg on Jul 5th 2022

    Great product!! Fast shipping. Highly reccomend!!

  • 5
    Just Got this

    Posted by Kimberly Hill on May 4th 2022

    Literally just ordered it a few days ago and the shipping was super fast And got it quick.. I love this place and they are quick to answer all my questions when I email them.

  • 5
    FLUX 2 review

    Posted by Jeremy Wilson on Mar 26th 2022

    I recently aquired the Flux 2. I have tested it on several nights in three different cemeteries. I am amazed by the responses I have gotten with the Flux 2. I definately recommend adding this to your arsenal of investigative equipment. As usual with products from GhostStop, its worth every single penny!!!

  • 5

    Posted by Kat Chaplin on Jan 21st 2022

    Amazing little device. Got this for daughter, until she can write an in depth review I will tell you she has found it works best when she is out doors, no one else contributing energy... No devices nearby. We are both amazed how this responds to our questions. I can't wait til she writes her review.

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Teresa Christensen on Jan 17th 2022

    Awesome piece of equipment! Got mine about 2 months ago, used on 2 investigations so far. Love that I am able set the proximity. Yes and No questions work really well! We used it turned sideways in a room and were able to see if a spirit passed inside the room or outside in the hall. Great interaction piece when giving choices for interaction at well! Be creative, this has so many potential uses!

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Cornish paranormal portal on Dec 12th 2021

    Best bit of equipment I've got so far, the yes and no works really well and 100% advise anyone to get one

  • 5

    Posted by Amanda Merkel on Nov 22nd 2021

    I love it bring it to every ghost hunt I go

  • 5
    Flux 2

    Posted by Suzanne on Nov 17th 2021

    I’ve used this device for over a year. It has notified me numerous times when spirit is present during paranormal investigations. I like the fact that it is directional, so when it goes off I know where the entity is in relation to the device and the direction the entity is moving…towards or away from the device. It’s also a great tool for communicating with spirit. I’ve had phenomenal results with it during investigations throughout the US and also in my own haunted house. It has withstood traveling and a years worth of sessions. One of my go to paranormal investigating tools. Love it!

  • 5
    Fun Device

    Posted by Josh Raymond on Oct 6th 2021

    My team and I have brought it on to several investigations, but only had luck with it at two locations. Which gives validity to how they work. Have had great question and answer sessions with the flux, and even got the same answers when using a flux and dowsing rods together.

  • 4
    Flux 2

    Posted by ALAN MORTON on Aug 18th 2021

    Haven't had the chance to try this out on location yet but seen it on tv and knew I needed one very good piece of kit

  • 5
    This device is perfect for streaming!

    Posted by Tee Morris on Aug 18th 2021

    I have taken this device to four different investigations, one at Belle Grove Plantation, another at the crash site of TWA 514, and two separate locations in Gettysburg, PA. At all sites, this device surprised me, particularly at the TWA crash site. While I understand that outdoor investigations are tricky as so many factors can affect results, the Flux was untouched and operating without interference. We received a variety of responses to a variety of questions. As a streamer looking to stream future investigations, I fin the visual and audio aspects of the Flux a real asset. I look forward to future investigations with this device on the scene.

  • 5
    FLUX 2

    Posted by John Horton on Aug 17th 2021

    Seems to work just fine, was shipped fast without any issues, 5 star. Thanks!!

  • 4

    Posted by Dwayne H on Apr 26th 2021

    This device is pretty cool. I like that I can set the distance sensitivity and have an instrument that entities can use to interact. The only drawback I see is that when the sensors detect motion, the red or green lights take upwards of 30-40 seconds to reset afterwards, which limits the user on the number of questions he/she can ask within an allotted amount of time...especially if you're limited on time during an investigation. If it weren't for the delayed LED reset times, I would give this 5 stars instead of 4.

  • 5
    Great tool!

    Posted by Mike Mazza on Apr 5th 2021

    I just got this and I went straight to the cemetery as soon as I got there I turned it on and waited a few minutes. The first question I asked was would anybody here like to communicate and both lights went off so I asked okay for the Spirit who would like to communicate are you resting in peace and the green light went off. I have 4 family members buried there so I asked if the person communicating is a family member and the red light went off. Then I said I was leaving green means hi and red means bye and the red went off. I definitely like this product and will be using it on my show!

  • 5
    Great little device for Q&A sessions or motion...

    Posted by Tim B on Aug 31st 2020

    This a great device for anyone that wants to do Q&A sessions or want to monitor for motion in two different directions at the same time. Since each side of the device activates independently it makes for easy one of two or 3 answer Q&A sessions. Yes activate the one side, No activate the other side, maybe activate both sides. The built in temperature sensors means we do not need to also have out an additional temperature monitor while using this. The built in battery lasts for hours and charges quickly for back to back investigations. The visual/audible notifications are great and are easily recorded on camera. We highly recommend this over the flashlight Q&A sessions.

  • 5
    Very good visual device !

    Posted by Lesley Hyde, The Southern Ghost Girls Tours on Jun 23rd 2020

    On our Investigations and Tours We use both the Flux and Rem Pod. We usually get more visual and audible sounds and answers from the Flux. I like it much better than the Rem Pod because you don’t have to use and constantly change batteries. The Flux is charged by a chord. It’s very easy to Transport And Compact unlike the Rem Pod which I have broken an antenna once in transport. I recommend using the Flux .