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Event Ticket:

GhostStop Sweet 16 & New Location Celebration

A Spooky Speakeasy: Come celebrate with us, cats!

Details will be coming over the next few weeks as we organize this party. You'll want to save this date for a good time with GhostStop to break in our new building in Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. It also happens to mark 16 years in business.

So, save the date of October 7th, 2023 and get your tickets now. There's limited room.

It's the cat's pajamas, daddy-o!

When: October 7, 2023 from 7pm - midnight
Where: GhostStop in downtown Lynchburg VA (full address below)

Just to wet your whistle

  • 1920s-1940s spooky speakeasy theme
  • Period attire (it's easier than it sounds)
  • Live band Gloria West And The Gents, back from our 10 year shindig
  • Catered snacks by Purple Door Gourmet Kitchen
  • Delightful desserts by Hill City Donuts
  • Location: GhostStop in Historic Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Rumor is there's also a spirited mystery afoot. The question is: who dunnit?
  • We hear the local Ghostbusters might be investigating the building
  • NOTE: Due to local alcohol laws that seem to be caught up in the PROHIBITION ERA, we are not allowed to serve alcohol at this event. I mean, I suppose it's in theme. ;)

Here's what our 10-Year party looked like - and we plan to do a lot of the same. If you had a chance to come to our 10 year shindig, you'll know we throw a swingin' soiree.

GhostStop 10 year party photos


918 Commerce Street
Lynchburg, VA 24504

(NOTE: We have moved to Virginia from Florida. Don't go to the old Florida location. You might be knocking for a while. And you'll have a good 12 hour drive to get to the right place.)

Travel Info

  • Closest Airports
    • Lynchburg Regional in Lynchburg, VA (closest)
    • Roanoke, VA (about 1 hour away)
    • Richmond, VA (about 2 hours away)
  • Area Hotels


We find it fun to represent 1920s-1940s theme attire. But it's not required. Honestly, we were surprised everyone came dressed up last time and it was so fun to see. And this period attire is far simpler than it sounds. A simple button up shirt is easy enough for the gents. Optionally, your local Spirit Halloween store has an aisle full of period attire and accessories that works well in theme.

For Entry:

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Tickets are ONE PER PERSON. You must have purchased a ticket for each person entering.

GhostStop Sweet 16 and new location celebration

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