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Ghost Box Ovilus 5
Ghost Box Ovilus 5


Price: $1,000.00

Availability: Currently Unavailable
Currently Unavailable

Ovilus 5 Ghost Box

Currently Unavailable. This information is viewable only for reference to customers who purchased this product in the past. DO NOT purchase. Any new purchases of this product will be canceled.

We recommend:
BooBuddy Interactive Ghost Hunting Bear as a great alternative to the Ovilus with even more features. It talks!

The Ovilus 5 takes ITC to all new levels of possibilities. Wireless communications and no more batteries to install! With this additional connectivity we will be able to connect the Ovilus to apps and computers. Building off of the Ovilus 4 platform we have completely redesigned the internals and externals. A whole new palm sized unit and greatly expanded connectivity.

Features of the Ovilus 5
* Indicates new feature exclusive to the Ovilus 5.
  • Wireless communications usable on iPhone/iPad/Android/PC *
  • Wifi connect direct or connect to your network *
  • iPhone/Android apps in development *
  • Charging cable included
  • 8 Modes
    • Dictionary Mode
    • Draw Mode
    • Energy Mode
    • Log Mode
    • Motion Mode
    • Phonetic Mode
    • True/False Mode
    • Proximity Mode
  • Full Color Touch Screen
  • Voices: Male English, Female English, Male Spanish, Female Spanish
Ovilus 5 Overview
The Ovilus 5 converts environmental readings into words. The Ovilus5 is the latest in our equipment line. Based on the original Ovilus and all preceding, the Ovilus V is an ITC device. The goal of the device is to facilitate communications. Just like doing EVP or ITC feedback, nothing is instant or guaranteed to produce results. Like all Ovilus and Talker devices, the device NEVER uses random generators.

We are an official distributor of the Ovilus. Your product comes with support and is protected by manufacturer warranty.

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