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Flux Response Device
Flux Ghost Hunting Response Device


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See new model, Flux 2 Response Device.

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Discontinued model:
See new model, Flux 2 Response Device.

Flux Ghost Hunting Device

Flux Paranormal Response Device

Ask questions. Get answers from the beyond.

This ghost hunting device provides clear responses you can see and hear during an investigation. Just set it down, ask simple questions and await a response. You can choose to ask a question with a Yes/No answer or any close-ended question of your choice. Responses will be clear as either Red or Green with a tone that indicates an answer to your question.

  • Clear responses with color changing lights for quick reference
  • Sound alerts with scaling tones for clear audible indicators
  • Multiple environmental sensors for easy interaction
  • Rechargeable long-life battery

Ask away. You control the conversation.

We've put the control in your hands. Direct the conversation to what fits the investigation best. The answers can be any of your choosing by simply asking your own close-ended questions. You can ask the entity to move one side for one answer and the other for another answer. You can even ask them to change the temperature. Choose your own path.

Example questions and responses:

"Is there anyone here with us?"
  • Yes: Green light with high audio tone
  • No: Red light with low audio tone
"Are you male or female? Red for male. Green for female."
  • Female: Green light with high audio tone
  • Male: Red light with low audio tone
"Do you like this object or that object?" (place a trigger object each side)
  • Right object: Green light with high audio tone
  • Left object: Red light with low audio tone

Example close-ended questions:

  • Yes / No
  • Good / Bad
  • Male / Female
  • One / Many
  • Light / Dark
  • Left / Right
  • You choose...

Multiple sensors detect changes in the environment.

The Flux paranormal communication device utilizes multiple environmental sensors to determine a responses based on location of motion and temperature changes. The Flux device includes two infrared motion sensors on each side and an ambient thermometer probe.

This type of device can be used in many ways such as the question/answer examples above. However, we are most curious to see how you (our fellow investigators) will use it in the field and what you find works best. Maybe you could put trigger objects on each side to indicate which the entity prefers or be alerted if an object moves on its own. Let us know how you use it.

This product is made right here at GhostStop.

*NOTE: Parts of the Flux are 3D printed right here at GhostStop. Each one is made with great care by hand. As such, each one may have unique elements in the texture that could appear to be small defects. These unique elements do not affect the function of the product. Though we do our best to keep them as uniform as possible, each one will be unique in some small way since they are each printed and hand-built for quality. Thanks for your understanding in that.

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