Unveiling the Tracer 2 Light Wire: Lighting Up Paranormal Investigations

Unveiling the Tracer 2 Light Wire: Lighting Up Paranormal Investigations

Posted by GhostStop on Jun 18th 2024

Ghost hunting just got a glow-up!

We are thrilled to introduce  Tracer 2 Light Wire, the latest evolution in our paranormal investigation toolkit.

Building on the success of the original Tracer, this new model elevates motion visualization and detection to an unprecedented level of precision and clarity. With cutting-edge features designed for both seasoned investigators and curious enthusiasts, the Tracer 2 is set to become an indispensable part of your ghost-hunting arsenal.

Tracer 2 Light Wire for Ghost Hunting

So, what’s New about the Tracer 2?

Advanced Motion Visualization with Light Wire

At the heart of the Tracer 2 is the new LED Light Wire, an 8.5-foot long, detachable rope light that illuminates to trace the path of any detected motion. This feature allows you to literally see movement as it happens, making it perfect for capturing ghostly walks or unseen presences in hallways or across thresholds. The wire lights up in white to indicate active motion, then switches to red to mark the path taken, giving you a visual timeline of the movement.

High Precision Laser Motion Sensor

The high-resolution laser motion and distance sensor offers unparalleled accuracy in detecting motion along the wire. Utilizing advanced infrared LiDAR technology, it scans for obstructions and measures distance with precision. This allows the Tracer 2 to distinguish between genuine movement and other energy signals.

New Temperature Spike Detection

Beyond motion, the Tracer 2 now includes temperature spike detection. Whether you're tracking cold spots or heat anomalies, the wire will respond by sending a wave of blue or purple light along its length. This dual-functionality not only provides additional evidence of paranormal activity but also enhances the visual appeal of your investigation. 

Enhanced Battery Life

The Tracer 2 features a longer-lasting rechargeable battery, ensuring that your investigations can continue uninterrupted for extended periods. No more worrying about the device running out of power in the middle of a crucial investigation.

Easy Setup and Operation

Setting up the Tracer 2 is a breeze. Simply place the base unit on the ground, lay out the LED Light Wire in a straight line from the sensor, and you're ready to go. A single push of a button activates the device, making it user-friendly and efficient for both spontaneous and planned investigations.

How Tracer Works: A Closer Look

Place it along an active hallway or across a path where claims of an entity may be known to wander.

The Tracer 2's LED Light Wire isn't just for show - it's a sophisticated tool for visualizing motion and temperature changes in real-time. Here’s how it enhances your investigations:

Visual Motion Tracking: Lay the wire along a hallway or path, and let the motion sensor scan. When motion is detected, the LED lights up in white. After the object moves out of range, the wire turns red, marking the movement path for a brief period. This allows you to observe and document activity without needing to stare at the device constantly.

Temperature Spike Visualization: The device detects ambient temperature changes and lights up the wire accordingly. A blue wave signals a cold spike, while a purple wave indicates a warmer spike. This feature adds another layer of evidence to your investigations, helping to validate or debunk suspected paranormal activity.

Beyond Ordinary Sensors: The Tracer Advantage

The Tracer 2 is not your average motion sensor. By relying on infrared laser LiDAR technology, it ensures that only tangible or visible obstructions trigger the lights, reducing false positives from electromagnetic fields or radio interference.

What you're looking for is disruptions in the field when no physical person or object is in the way. If the path lights up with no person or object in the way, this very well could be a paranormal presence. So, put a camera on it and let's document!

Whether it’s a wandering spirit, team member or a curious animal, the Tracer 2 gives you the confidence to know what’s in your path.

Get Creative with Your Investigations

The Tracer 2 Light Wire’s versatility invites you to think outside the box. Use it to wrap around objects, create designated “yes/no” zones, or even place it under chairs to detect if someone - or something - takes a seat. Its easy-to-detach design means you can pack it up and set it up again effortlessly, adapting to any investigation scenario.

Illuminate the Unknown with Tracer Light Wire

The Tracer 2 Light Wire is more than just a tool; it’s your gateway to seeing the unseen. By providing clear, visual evidence of motion and temperature changes, it transforms how you interact with and document paranormal activity. Whether you’re conducting a professional investigation or indulging in your ghost-hunting hobby, the Tracer 2 will be your go-to device for capturing compelling, tangible proof.

Ready to light up your investigations? The  Tracer 2 Light Wire is available now.