Paranormal Paradise (Feature on ABC)

Paranormal Paradise (Feature on ABC)

Posted by ABC 13 on Sep 20th 2023

Ghost hunting equipment store 'GhostStop' opens in Downtown Lynchburg

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — A new business in town wants to make Lynchburg the ghost-hunting and paranormal data collection center of the world.

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GhostStop, a business new to Downtown Lynchburg, makes and sells  ghost hunting equipment.

Through the doors of GhostStop, you'll find a ghost hunter's paradise.

From spirit boxes and night vision cameras to EMF meters and footstep trackers, they've got every a ghost hunter or aspiring paranormal investigator could dream of.

Owner  Shawn Porter moved his business with his entire crew from Orlando, Florida to Lynchburg this summer. Porter said they've been in the business of making and selling ghost-hunting equipment for close to 17 years now.

"We actually make all the equipment they use for Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, Kindred Spirits, a lot of the TV shows, but it's not just the TV shows. There are teams around the world that are out there doing investigations," Porter said.

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