Introducing the New Flux 2 Response Device

Introducing the New Flux 2 Response Device

Posted by GhostStop on May 2nd 2019

flux response device for ghost hunting

Flux 2 is here with new features, sophisticated sensor technology and sensitivity adjustment. Seen recently on Travel Channel's Portals to Hell, the newest version of this paranormal response device utilizes all new sensor technology to provide clear responses you can see and hear during an investigation. Just set it down, ask simple questions and await a response. You can choose to ask a question with a Yes/No answer or any close-ended question of your choice. Responses will be clear as either Red or Green with a tone that indicates an answer to your question.

This new version gathers far more precise distance calculations using highly sensitive infrared laser motion and distance sensors. Now, using the Flux 2, we can learn not only if there was movement present but how close it is. It now gathers information including motion, distance and temperature all in one device. We've also added a sensitivity adjustment knob so you can dial in the distance you wish to investigate in allowing more flexibility so that Flux can adjust to the environment.

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