Introducing Phasm Light

Introducing Phasm Light

Posted by GhostStop on Mar 16th 2021

phasm night vision light for video cameras

We've recently announced a new light to the ghost hunting world. As long-time investigators we've used so many lights over the years, and built many of our own. We wanted to create something that solved more of the shortcomings that exist in popular lights and add a few features we've been dreaming of. So, as we do with any new product design, we got to the drawing board, drew up our grandest wishes and hoped we could get there. And we did in a spectacular fashion - far beyond what we had hoped for in creating Phasm Light.

The newest addition to the GhostStop lineup of ghost hunting equipment is a brilliant full spectrum and night vision light with full control over all the settings - and magnets. That's right, magnets. We had the idea many years ago as an easy way to mount lights together, throw some light up in areas that might be difficult to manage with a tripod. This also allows for easily mounting other accessories we're planning on for the future (wink).

Phasm utilizes powerful infrared, ultraviolet and color LEDs for a brilliant blanket of light for your investigations. All of the light is selectable and controllable independently. It's rechargeable with a lit display on the back and those oh-so-awesome magnets on each side.

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