Investigation Report Template - Team Lead

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Investigation Report Template

-- Team Lead Version --

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This paranormal investigation report template is tailored specifically for the investigation team leader. It includes all basic information the team leader needs to properly report and document team activities and activity during and after an investigation. The purpose of this report is to assemble and summarize the investigators' reports into one all-inclusive detail for analysis. This template includes fields where you can fill in all pertinent information including:

  • Client and location details
  • Investigation team detail
  • Equipment detail
  • Debunk report
  • Investigation timeline log
  • Evidence review log
  • Evidence summary
  • Investigation summary and suggestions for followup
  • Recommended next steps

We also offer a version for the INVESTIGATOR where the investigator can document their evidence and observations.
More info on the Investigator Version

Editable Version: Download here (Word format)
This editable version comes in Word format so you can add your own team logo adjust any fields you feel necessary or add any additional details you may require when reporting.